The Internationals of tennis and the charm of the Foro Italico-

from antonio preiti

There is not only the ancient context but the general key to Rome. Being fully in the contemporary world in all its aspects: history, cultural heritage

Where is the charm of International Tennis? Out of fascination, for an event that since 1935 has kept intact an aura of beauty, almost mysterious, that exceeds its own sporting value. Describing charm is always a challenge: some things are easy to say, others are just feelings without the words to say it. Playing, for example, at the Stadio dei Marmi, surrounded by statues, does not happen anywhere in the world. Who plays it, while the ball is just above his head, ready to go with insane speed towards the opponent, will he not notice those silent presences that give value to his own presence on the pitch? Today’s tennis, but the sport, the competition, the ambition have always been there. And the Foro Italico evokes them like no other.

Not just the ancient, symbolic context, reminiscent of a story from which Western civilization was born, to create its charm, but the intertwining of this profound time scale with the contemporary. Because the Tennis Internationals are one of the world tournaments (ATP Masters 1000) that, due to sporting importance, come just after the four Grand Slams, and therefore are certainly not a symbolic event, to celebrate Roman history. On the contrary, if we look at the other Masters 1000 tournaments, none can have the same attraction. All these are events that remain in the tennis dimension and do not go beyond: high sporting interest, low seduction.

the general key for Rome: to be fully in the contemporary world in all its aspects, starting from its history, its cultural heritage, its heritage. As long as this intertwining maintains its inimitable, compelling, precious capacity for attraction. Taking your own world and making it available to the world, as well as to yourself, is Rome’s formula for success.

In contemporary times lies the invention of a city that creates a very long network of events, large and small, things that happen, vitality that expands everywhere, in each sector and in each market niche: to give certainty to each visitor who can come. Rome any day and there will always be something new happening at that time, not just the legacy of what has settled in its two thousand year history. The challenge is to go from being a tourist destination, a city that you only have to see once in your life, to one that you have to visit always, because it always presents something new and unrepeatable.. In the contemporary there is also the link between the events, which today each seem to have a life of their own, as if being a tennis enthusiast precludes a passion for music or art. And there is the link of the event with the city. This time the municipal administration wanted to mobilize and ennoble Rome through the Night of Tennis (with shops open beyond opening hours to celebrate the tournament), because there can be no separation between events and city, between sport and economy .

We must think of the events as a constellation signaling to the world that Rome produces fascinating things, that it is still capable of generating light, because it brings together the past and the contemporary in unexpected ways.. Like playing in a tennis stadium surrounded by statues. Statues that were offered to Rome, at the time, by each of the Italian provinces, as a tribute to the country’s capital: what emotion, what tenderness. Charm and pride for this too.

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