“The Lakers dream if they think they can take it from us! »

Still without a coach, the Lakers continue to probe the market for the rare pearl. However, a file runs the risk of being closed quickly… In fact, the franchise with which the strategist in question works has clearly indicated that he will not let him get away.

Before they can rebuild their roster, which is promised plenty of turmoil this summer, the Lakers still need to decide who will coach. With Frank Vogel having been removed from his post after two very disappointing seasons in a row, it is now a matter of finding him a successor as soon as possible. However, they are not the only ones in this situation and, in particular, they must undergo a sacred competition in the archive of Mark Jackson, supposedly the darling of Lebron James.

Another candidate the Purples and Golds would be particularly eyeing: Nick Nurse, currently working for the Raptors. The interested party enjoys a good rating and would be a very good recruit to start the offseason, but again, it’s not a foregone conclusion. not just becausehe gave them a nasty rake in public, but also because his own franchise does not intend to steal it from him. GM Masaii Ujiri even decided to troll the California Army:

Nick Nurse even more inaccessible for the Lakers

Masai Ujiri on reports that the Lakers are interested in Nick Nurse: “No team has contacted me about him. And I see everything you see. I dream like they dream. I want Messi. I love Renaldo. I love Kobe Bryant. So that they can always keep dreaming. I dream too”.

Difficult to make any clearer from the leader of the Dinos, who has absolutely no plans to part with the coach who returned the first title in Canadian history, in 2018-19. If Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry & co. he did a great job on the court, he was the one leading all these beautiful people off the bench, showing impressive dominance when it was only his first year as head coach.

Three years later, despite a logical decline in performance, the strategist is still highly regarded by his locker room and shows promise with a squad that is among the youngest in the NBA, with Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet spearheading it. Rookie Scottie Barnes also had a superb campaign with the ROY in the key, proof that the new shooting guard has great potential. You could also keep the craftsman of all this to act as the conductor.

Masaii Ujiri makes it clear, the Lakers can immediately forget about Nick Nurse’s track. Toronto has absolutely no intention of giving them the coach that has made them happy since 2018, believing the franchise can still go far with him.

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