The MLB lockout is getting closer – USA

The MLB season is now upon us with the start of spring training which usually sees teams play in the southern states, where it’s certainly hotter this time of year.

We are looking forward to the start of the regular season, which also means the beginning of spring and, therefore, the summer that will bring us back for picnics, outdoor barbecues and long walks in the park. But there’s a little problem. In fact, not even that small since it hasn’t been resolved yet.

In fact, shortly after the official start of the preseason – more precisely on December 2 – the owners of the different teams voted unanimously to proceed with the lockout due to the expiration of the collective agreement between the league and the players and the non-renewal from his.

Not renewing due to proposals made by the players’ union, the MLBPA, to which the MLB did not agree, especially requests to have more compensation for younger players and to “incentivize” teams not to practice the call tankingthat is, effortlessly losing as many games as possible to reach a high position in the draft.

So the only solution he found was to call a strike, the first since the 1995 season, when everything ground to a halt in mid-August and then never resumed.

Fortunately, this time it happened many months before, but there are already those who expect a postponement of the start of the regular season, which would cause an inevitable decrease in the number of games, with a greater loss of collection by the franchises, and all this after the drastic crisis experienced in the last two years due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

Among other things, the market must be completed before the end of March – and consequently several free agents still do not know their fate – when the regular season should begin. The fact is that at the moment an agreement has not yet been reached and everything is still frozen.

Frost that was perceived when the MLB eliminated the photos of the players from the different profiles of the site, with a prompt response from some of them who did the same in their social accounts. In short, a cold war that does not seem to want to end and there is a serious risk that it will last a long time.

The owners have already requested the intermediation of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, an independent federal body that would have the task of reconciling the two parties in conflict, finding an agreement that suits both, but the players’ union has not shown very inclined to such a thing. a proposal.

The only hope is that the imminent arrival of Spring Training may lead the owners to soften a bit and accept at least one of the MLBPA’s requests to reach an agreement as soon as possible, so as not to compromise the start of the regular. station. This is because, as mentioned above, there is a serious danger of massive economic damage, which the owners would like to avoid.

For now, the MLB has not yet expressed itself on a possible postponement of the debut of the new season, but updates on the contractual and non-contractual situation are expected for the next few days, when the owners meet in Orlando to decide what to do. Then we will definitely know more.

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