The MLS has its own dignity

There mls it has its own dignity. Each championship has its own. dignity. Each championship has its own specificity. Each championship has its own identity. The Premier is the NBA of football, entertainment and stars, coaches and goals, full stadiums and a fast pace, for example. Also there A league has a well-defined portrait now: If it was once the best of the best of the best, now it is a tumultuous league that is recovering thanks to the innovative and modern ideas of young coaches and trained coaches. What about Ligue 1? The land of pure talent, where perhaps less attention is paid to tactics to try to enhance the quality of people.

enough of stereotypes

Here, each has its own distinctive element. And we could continue indefinitely, between Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Holland… and USA. Much has been said in recent days about the major league soccer, the American football championship. Yesterday, channel surfing on TV, waiting for the illumination of Netflix, then it came with Way Back Home, I met some commentators: “The time of MLS is over”, “Now those who want to try an experience abroad are going to the Emirates, in Dubai, no longer in America”, “But where does he get the money Toronto? I knew that other clubs paid, in other leagues, in other countries…”, and so on.

No, we are not referring to the figures you will receive Lorenzo Insigneabout to leave Napoli and her Napoli to fly to Toronto and in Toronto that belonged to Giovincothose He has already tried to explain them, but to the conception that one has of a championship that has its dignity. Like everyone else. “You don’t play football in Toronto,” he seemed to hear on Twitter. But no, we play with it. And how if you play with him.

Role model or not?

There mls It is not the best championship in the world, and on that we all agree. But he is not presumptuous, he does not have the slightest desire to set himself up as a model, he does not want to pass for what he is not: he has his own identity, among designated playerAcademy, project and Salary cap. Here, regarding the latter: it is we in Europe who are trying to understand if we can use it here as well, in our football. Therefore, we are taking it as a model.

The competitiveness of the MLS

What about competitiveness? He has his thing. It has its Champions, it has its structure (with two conferences), it has its stars. As in the other leagues. Import talents and export them. As in the other leagues. Take Thiago Almada, one of the most interesting young people in the world: far from Vélez, not Europe, yes to Atlanta. As it had happened, in times of Lanús, to Miguel Almirón. Or Ezequiel Barco. In short, the stars of South America and of the future choose the States before taking the leap. Instead, South American stars choose MLS to compete: how Yeferson Soteldo, former 10 of Santos, in the ideal eleven of the Libertadores 2020, player of the year in 2019, runner-up of the Libertadores with the Brazilians. He could have been better in Toronto. But surely in Toronto they play football.

Export from MLS

This is for import. And the export? Here you have to dream, between Alphonso Davies, Brenden Aaronson, Tajon Buchanan, Pepi, McKennie… Gone are the times of the Adu on duty, now there are players who make a difference. In all this, there are not only the players, but also the coaches who, to experiment, relaunch, show off, fly to America: the nanny martin he made history, De Boer passed it, Heinze did poorly after doing very well in Argentina, also refusing Europe, with the OM who was willing to entrust him with the bench, for the States. The beautiful stories Vanni Sartini, the endless like Bob Bradley, the legendary like Sigi Schmid. Ah, so the public…

big stages

atlanta it had, in 2021, an average of 43,964 spectators, then Seattle with 25 thousand, Cincinnati with 21 thousand, Nashville with 19 thousand and so on… In 2019 the average was about 22 thousand, in 2020 about 24 thousand… .

Lorenzo InsigneIt is not an old story, that of football in America, it is a story that is being built. As well as the traditions. Insigne will be the absolute starbecause the 10 of the Italian team(the 10th of the Italian team!), will disembark to make a difference, following what Giovinco left, that America conquered it and almost also conquered the Champions League, touching on the possibility of challenging the best in the world in the World Cup. Club Cup.

Well, perhaps Insigne’s objective is also this, not only the economic one: to become a star of absolute greatness, a man not only of a franchise, but an image of an entire championship. Growing. And that has the dignity of it.

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