The NBA Draft Combine continues and Hugo Besson scores points

The Draft Combine is currently taking place in Chicago and it’s a boon for franchise leaders to fine-tune a roster of players to select from this huge market of youngsters, each more talented than the next. And for kids, it’s the longest week of the year, the time to give it your all. But tell me Jamy, which ones stand out from the bunch at the halfway point? Come on Fred, I’ll show you all that and more cocorico: there’s a Frenchman on the lot!

Like Quentin Grimes or Tre Mann last year, the NBA Draft Combine can really be a trigger in the Draft process for some. After several days of testing, we clearly understood that some had already passed a milestone. Well, to put it in context, we started the Combine with measurements: height, wingspan, weight… And this year, the hype is clearly focused on the enormous dimensions of brand williamsprojected to 13th place in the next Draft by Bleacher Report. Indeed, there is a point: the Duke center is the tallest player of his time, measuring 2m18 shoes on the foot. Add to that a 2m31 wingspan for a total height of 2m97 with his arms raised, that is, eight centimeters less than the height of a basket and you will understand where he gets the gift of him to fight back. As for the agility, speed and relaxation tests, the results are still classic, but there are still some rabbits out there, like christian brown. The 2m winger, national champion with Kansas last April, continues the momentum from his March Madness finish and lines up one of the best jumps in his class with 1m earned jumping with momentum. Projected in the second round before the final NCAA tournament, he is now certain that he will be drafted in the first round. ESPN sees him selected as the 28th pick by Golden State.

Day Two: After a grueling day of testing, it’s finally time for the matches. Ah, here we are putting hands to the work. Some confirm it: 6 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals in 20 minutes for Braun the knife in his team’s first game. And others are shown in his way. Failing to do grand stats, his teammate in scrimmages, Hugo Beson, he prefers his speed and his vision of the game to speak. After having lined up very good results in shooting exercises – he is also the only one who has taken two consecutive dribbling shots from 8 meters -, the defender who has evolved this season on the side of the New Zealand Breakers take advantage of this additional exposure to showcase their innate talents as a shooter and passer. If he can, Hugo will not hesitate to scratch ten places in this second round of the 2022 Draft where he is projected.

Some, therefore, take advantage of the Combine to show themselves a little more, but others come out of nowhere and use it to create a surprise. If you watched the U-19 World Cup final between our Blueberries and the United States last summer, surely you must remember the beautiful baby who martyred our racket. Yes, Kenneth Lofton Jr. it’s back ! This position 4 in the body for the least atypical (2m01 for 124 kg) is clearly a UFO. In Chicago since Monday for the G League Combine, Kenneth has continued with the NBA and continues to show that he is a truly special guy. For those who have the reference, the Louisiana Tech player resembles Ferdinand Prenom, therefore an interior with golden hands, but who manages to move on the field as if he were 20 kilos lighter. However, a true phenom who may return to college next season, Lofton has yet to sign an agent and thus maintains college eligibility from him. Therefore, he is taking advantage of the NBA Draft Combine to test the market of the League and also that of the larger NCAA programs potentially interested in his unique profile.

For potential recruits, the Combine is the event they shouldn’t miss to come out of their shell and show franchise executives that they’re ready to join the League, and some have got that all right. Waiting for the statistics of the tests of the greatest talents of this year and, a month before the final deadline, some will try to get the places.

Text source: ESPN and DraftexpressBleacher Report

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