The NFL studies the landing in France and Spain for the regular season

In 2022, the turnover of the NFL, the well-known American football league, will expand to Germany. The Allianz Arena of Bayern Munich will host the first game in its regular season history, before alternating in Frankfurt until 2025. A new stop for the NFL, which is expanding in Europe after having already been very present in London, much that it would even pretend Tottenham to nominate their stadium for a Super Bowl.

But the goals of the American league go further, with Spain Y France designated as the next goals of the competition. As mentioned, for now the NFL is focusing on Germany and the UK, where each city will generate around $40 million from games taking place between Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Wembley and Allianz Arena.

Europe is a huge market for the NFL, because the fan base in the UK and Germany is the largest outside of America. It is a growing market and has great potential.“, has explained Brett GosperNFL manager a Eph. “We are working to expand the places where these games are played. There are economic reasons to put two or three games in the same city. Ultimately, the time we have to organize and schedule these matches is limited, so we must use it wisely.“.

Difficulties are not lacking, especially from the calendar point of view: “The hardest thing is finding a time when we can use the stadium. This year is even more difficult because we normally use the October window, but there is the World Cup in Qatar. There are also logistical issues, like moving different teams around the world. Finding the right time to play, having the stadium available, distributing tickets and being able to market the match is the biggest challenge“.

However, this does not stop the “expansionist goals of the NFL”:”The responsibility of playing in different cities also falls on the teams, if the Dolphins or the Bears tell us that they want to play in Spain, this possibility will be studied. Spain and France -he added about it- are the next markets we are studying for an NFL game“.

no italy, therefore, at least for the moment. The market in our country was not mentioned and – the potential difficulty of organizing an event of this type in our country – certainly affects the scarce presence of structures suitable for competition. In fact, we have seen how the new football club stadiums are also opening up to other disciplines to maximize their income, a step that the clubs, perhaps with the support of the bureaucracy, must take as soon as possible.

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