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NFL Week 17 2021-2022 It ends with important results, endless emotions, the first official verdicts and the composition of the Play-offs grid that begins to take shape more clearly. In nfc, For example, we already know who will be #1, that’s the Green Bay Packers. Coach Matte LaFleur’s team (39-9 in first three years as coach, new record) topples the Minnesota Vikings and guarantees a path to the postseason at Lambeau Field. Behind them the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win a last minute comeback from the New York Jets, as do the Los Angeles Rams who go home to the Baltimore Ravens, while the Philadelphia Eagles secure a spot in the Play-offs and the Arizona Cardinals pass in Dallas. In the AFC, however, the spotlight rightfully belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals holding off the Kansas City Chiefs, while big hits follow for the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans. In the last week, the “play-off” will be held between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers to join the “big ball”. So let’s take a closer look at what happened in Week 17.


Green Bay Packers (13-3) – Minnesota Vikings (7-9) 37-10: Thick test for the Packers (at -17th Lambeau Field) who take advantage of the unavailability of the rival QB (Cousins ​​​​was out due to Covid) to adjust the NFC North rivals at will. Rodgers and Adams cut off the Vikings’ secondary, then the runs do the rest. The QB, perhaps in the last home game of the regular season with this franchise, closes with 288 yards and 2 tries, Adams has 11 receptions for 136 yards and a try, Lazard has 72 with a td, while the Jones-Dillon duo runs for 139 (76-63) with the second printing two convincing goals. Here ends the Minnesota season, for Green Bay again the chance of the #1 to hit a Super Bowl that has been missing since 2011. On Sunday, at the home of the Lions, space for the second rows, with the opportunity, also, to recover 4 long-term residents in view of the Divisional.

Dallas Cowboys (11-5) – Arizona Cardinals (11-5) 22-25: A big matchup won by the Cardinals, who could meet again in the wild-card round in two weeks. Arizona dominates the stage until 22-7, before the definitive comeback of the Cowboys, who go down again, but the success continues to belong to the NFC West team that relaunches at the right time. For Dallas, more bad news is coming: there is talk of breaking the crusader for WR Gallup…

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) – Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) 34-31: a 60-minute show with two unstoppable attacks. Kansas City got off to a strong start with a sensational 14-0 start thanks to Mahomes’ passes to Robinson and Kelce. At this point, however, the Ja’Marr Chase show begins. Burrow shoots and sends his WR into the end zone for 72 yards. In the second quarter, after Williams’ run for 21-7, Burrow still finds Chase on goal for 18 yards and 21-14. Williams runs back into the end zone for 28-14, but goes into halftime at 28-17 after McPherson’s 46-yard field goal. The second half again sees Burrow find Chase for 69 yards and is 28-24, then outplay the Bengals in the fourth quarter, with Burrow finding Boyd for 5 yards and 31-28. The Chiefs respond with Butker’s 31-31 kick, then Cincinnati’s final drive with Burrow finding Chase with stellar catches, then after several failed attempts at the goal line, McPherson makes the game-winning field goal. by time-out for 34. -31 . Burrow closed with 446 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Chase set the Bengals’ single-game receiving record with 266 and 3 tries. Mahomes stops for 259 yards with 2 TDs. The Chiefs have yet to fight for a first round bye, while Cincinnati takes the AFC North after 6 years.

NFL, the 2024 Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas, the chance of New Orleans fades again

In the other games, Baltimore Ravens (8-8) are outscored 20-19 in the last minute by the Los Angeles Rams (12-4) after having commanded throughout the course of the match. Decisive to td when receiving OBJ. Kupp reaches 1,781 yards and sets the all-time record for the Rams. THE Buffalo Bills (10-6) struggled early, then defeated the Atlanta Falcons 29-15 (7-9) despite an Allen once again “messy” with 3 interceptions in the short span of 4 pitches. In the AFC, the Tennessee Titans (11-5) posted a pivotal 34-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins (8-8) and to have in his hands the AFC South for the second year in a row, where the Indianapolis Colts (9-7) lose 20-23 at home to Las Vegas Raiders (9-7) despite the usual RB Taylor who is close to 1709 yards this season, surpassing Edgerrin James’ franchise record.

In AFC West the Los Angeles Chargers (9-7) knock out the Denver Broncos (7-9) 34-13 and keep postseason chances unchanged, Seattle Seahawks (6-10) clash 51-29 Detroit Lions (2-13-1) and in the NFC East the Washington Football Team (6-10) lost in the final 16-20 against the Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) entering the postseason. New York Jets (4-12) scare Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4) but are defeated 28-24 at the last second giving a truly mind-blowing drive to Brady who, with less than a minute to go, and no time out, walks more than 90 yards to the opponent’s end zone. The match also sees the “escape” of WR Antonio Brown, who takes off his shirt, greets the public and returns to the locker room in controversy with the coaching staff. A minute after the end of the match he had already been cut. Resonant.

the San Francisco 49ers (9-7) get rid of the Houston Texans 23-7 (4-12) and continues the race to the postseason, then in the NFC South the New Orleans Saints (8-8) beat the Carolina Panthers (5-11) 18-10. New England Patriots (10-6) humiliate Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14) 50-10 in a game that has never had a history, finally Chicago Bears (6-10) beat New York Giants (4-12) 29-3 in a meaningless challenge for two teams that are already thinking about the preseason. Week 17 will end with Monday night’s game between Cleveland Browns (7-8) and Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7-1).



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