The player that only Shaq and Michael Jordan have a positive career history against!

Some players are the equivalent of Mount Everest, a victory against them is a true feat of arms. One legend in particular put the entire competition to misery for years… Only the Shaqs and Michael Jordan could dominate him, and only by a little.

In 19 seasons touring the NBA courts, Tim Duncan has managed to accumulate an impressive number of trophies. Loyal to the Spurs until the end, the strong winger has, for example, no less than five championship rings to his credit. We can also mention his two consecutive MVP titles, in 2002 and 2003, as well as three Finals MVPs. In addition, he remains to this day the best blocker in playoff history as well as the best No. 4 of all time.

Rarely injured, the Big Fundamental played a total of 1,392 regular season games, plus 251 playoff games. However, as his achievements suggest, this also implies that he earned a lot, especially between October and April. With 1,001 regular season hits, he is also the third most successful player of all time, second only to Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Robert Parish.

Tim Duncan almost invincible against NBA stars

Unsurprisingly, the fact that he’s won that much also means he’s been able to beat a plethora of great players, between 1997 and 2016. In fact, when we take a closer look at the numbers, we realize that facing San Antonio during this period it was regularly a loss for any superstar. Out of a total of 25 legends who played at the same time as TD, only two finished with a positive record against him:

World Fadeaway (DR)

Kobe Bryant, Lebron JamesDirk Nowitzki: They all suffered from the Spurs’ No. 21 law, particularly the Mavs’ German as well as Steve Nash, who each lost more than 50 times to him, regular season and playoffs combined. In the end, the only “favorite hobbies” of his were Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. However, keep in mind that the sample against His Airness from him is very small, with only 5 matches between them. MJ was on the decline when Timmy was starting his career, the balance might have tipped in his favor with more opportunities.

On the other hand, there were no fewer than 62 matchups between the former Wake Forest and the Big Diesel, notably blocking their path to the playoffs on several occasions. This was particularly the case between 2000 and 2002, during which Shaqtus notched a 3-pointer with the Lakers. We will have to wait until 2003 for SA to be lucky, which will also coincide with the Texan’s second career title, in the company of Tony Parker.

Tim Duncan was an almost insurmountable obstacle during his incredible career, surrounded by an excellent team at Spurs. No wonder he has hurt so many orange ball stars!

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