The seven most beautiful jerseys of the MLS 2022

Saturday finally beginsmlsthe North American soccer championship that each year evolves and expands its brand in an attempt to undermine the NFL, NBA Y MLB. won’t be there yet Lorenzo Insignethat will come to Toronto in summer, but there are already many jerseys ready to win the hearts of new fans and become more than just a garment to wear on the pitch. the equipment for 28 teams as always all are made by adidas, the only technical sponsor since 2004 on the model of the rest of the American professional leagues, which it tried to differentiate by playing with a bandstand and patrons. Here are our seven favorites.

Los Angeles F.C.

The house t-shirt Los Angeles F.C. has been called 5 years strong and is dedicated to the five years it took for the team to take root in the city of Los Angeles, creating a strong relationship with its community and the people who helped create it. Black sweater w/ gold trim & logos features vaguely intricate geometric pattern art deco.

Los Angeles Galaxy

the other half of the Angelsthe Galaxy famous for his militancy david beckham Y Zlatan Ibrahimovicback to classic white with the stars on the edge of the neck and sleeves. The stars are one of the team symbols of the Angelswhich can also boast of the five that symbolize the championships won so far.

FC Montréal

The Away T-shirt designed by adidas For him Montreal FC takes up the one carried out last season to Arsenal with veins, in this case red that referred to the historic marble rooms of Highbury. Here the veins that cross the shirt are blue, the social color of the Canadian team.

New York City FC

While the first shirt of the New York City FC will be the same used in the last season, the second introduces for the first time the Orange. A color that has always been close to New York City given its origin Dutchjust think of the uniforms of the New York Knicksin this version traversed by a dark blue lightning that divides the shirt in half.

city ​​of orlando sc

We continue with the Aways and move on to Florida, precisely to orlando where the local team has opted for a shirt with a white background and illuminated by chromatic rays that climb from purple, through orange and yellow until disappearing in the white of the collar. It is no coincidence that the kit has been renamed the sun kita reference to the endless summer in the state of Orlando.

Portland Woods

Another away jersey, this time from Portland F.C. which pays homage to the city’s nickname from Oregon, The Pink City, with a rose petal print sweater. Defined the “heritage sweaterCombine different types of pink, from the lightest to crimson, to highlight all the details, including the shield of the woods on the chest.

Seattle Sounders F.C.

We conclude with another second jersey, which in recent seasons has somewhat become the third in Europe, a field of experimentation, of seattle probes. The city club Emerald decided to create a geometric pattern with blue squares on a green backgroundemerald in fact, which incorporates the choreography created by the local fans in the stands.

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