the state of health of the losers of Super Wild Card Weekend 2021 – USA

Let’s continue a little tradition that started last year (random traditions like rain, never felt so American in my life) and try to understand the mood and prospects for the future of the six teams eliminated over the weekend. , even if they later define it. as a weekend… no, I’m not going to start this useless controversy again.
For convenience I’ll go in chronological order, so…

One can only bow in the presence of the Raiders.: this is not the classic phrase of the Christian Democrats with which he liquidated a not particularly brilliant team that he rightly eliminated from the playoffs in which, perhaps, he did not even have much to do, but a sincere certificate of appreciation addressed to beings humans like Rich Bisaccia, Derek Carr, Darren Waller, and Zay Jones, individuals capable of accomplishing a feat that was at one point so insane that it didn’t even make sense to bother thinking about it.
I’m not going to summarize 2021 for the Raiders, at this point I guess you have in mind all the drama that they have been forced to accept, so let me get straight to the point: For me, Bisaccia has shown that he deserves this bench.
The fact that he managed to keep a team plagued by scandal and disgrace together and focused tells us everything we need to know about the relationship he established with the locker room and, frankly, it doesn’t even make much sense to analyze Saturday’s loss: once inside the objective is clearly to go to the end, but in the case of the Raiders I remain convinced that the simple participation was a bet that will allow them to look to the future with greater serenity.

I don’t see any top-tier players to beat, though they’ll have to make a couple of big decisions defensively as they’re about to become veteran free agents like Quinton Jefferson, KJ Wright, Solomon Thomas and Casey Hayward. all players who have had a very important role during the last season: also for this reason it will be more necessary than ever to get it right in the draft.
In general, I don’t expect sensational news at the Raiders’ continuity to what is good seems to be the best possible idea, especially after everything that has happened in recent months.

The embarrassing loss that the Patriots remedied should in no way overshadow the excellent championship of Belichick’s boys who, led by a rookie, returned to the playoffs much sooner than we could have expected: obviously what we have in mind and in our eyes is the unfortunate. ending, but let’s not forget that in August hardly anyone considered the playoffs within reach.
New England was eliminated on Saturday by a better equipped team She took the court to send a message to opponents, to the league as a whole, and above all to herself: I repeat, let’s not let these 47 points sum up the Patriots’ 2021.
In my opinion, attacking needs a true WR1 and while Meyers, Bourne and Agholor all had their moments and played well overall, Jones would benefit greatly from one he could call on anytime, anywhere in the game’s most sensitive moments.

The department that needs the most help, despite the excellent season played, is defense since the average age of many leaders begins to be too high to ignore: McCourty and Hightower are dying and it will be very interesting to understand what Belichick will decide to do considering that the piggy bank will have to be broken to renew JC Jackson, easily the MVP of the entire unity and therefore essential.
The backbone is there, the quarterback probably too, now we need a couple of specific adjustments able to raise the overall level of the team to avoid the risk of embarking like the one we just witnessed: New England now wants, and I think can, to return to the upper floors of the AFC.

The Philadelphia Eagles, I don’t want the fans, they had no particular reason to be in the playoffs. and Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers revealed it painfully: Philadelphia, credit for credit, did what it had to do by winning nearly every game played against non-playoff teams — six of the eight losses were at the hands of teams classified. for the postseason with an average gap of 13.3 points per game, which speaks volumes.
The wide availability of draft picks doesn’t exclude them from anything.even if, in all honesty, I have yet to understand how much the front office believes in Jalen Hurts – against the Buccaneers all of his limits have come up and, like Lamar Jackson a few years ago, he seems to struggle when game development forces him to ditch the cluttered game plan for the week.
Can an attack from Jalen Hurts move the chains quickly through the air?
Will he be able to recover several go-ahead possessions by relying primarily on his quarterback’s arm?

The re-signing situation isn’t particularly tragic, and despite the tight cap space, I think they won’t have a problem re-signing Jason Kelce, right now poised for the last contract of a Hall of Fame career.
It is absolutely necessary that they form the receiving corps, it is essential that Hurts be able to count on different hands than those of Smith and Goedert: only then can we express ourselves with greater certainty about his value as a professional pitcher.
As with the Patriots, let’s not let a shipment overshadow the good done in an absolutely positive year.

Here the situation, dear readers, gets interesting: What can we say about the Dallas Cowboys debacle?
Between penalties and gross errors, Dallas seems to have squandered the opportunity to best exploit one of the most talented and deep rosters in the league, though luckily for them the likes of Diggs and Parsons won’t be moving out of Texas for a while: Will the defense be able to replicate the production of the last few months?
The truth is that I don’t know, but that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about: we have to make a couple of considerations about the coach.

Blaming McCarthy for Sunday’s loss would be unfairThey didn’t lose to the quarterback draft — though it certainly cost them a couple of chances that wouldn’t hurt — but I’ve had a bad feeling about him all year, and it’s that he’s lousy helpless. to provide that added value typical of the great coach: the Dallas Cowboys certainly do not win thanks to their coach who, on the contrary, in a couple of games has tried his best in absolutely questionable elections -see the blow remedied by the Broncos-.
McCarthy, it must be specified, is a good coach who has already been on the roof of the world who has also been lucky enough to train authentic phenomena who have made his job tremendously easier but, unfortunately, he does not manage to give me the impression of deserving the prestigious benches you sit on.
I’m not sure Dallas benefited from his inauguration.I don’t want to say that the Cowboys are a better team than Garrett’s based solely on the manager: what I’m sure of is that such a talented roster had no reason to end its journey to the playoffs so early.

You know very well what I think of the Steelers and their season, that’s why I won’t spend too many words in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the clearly stronger team clearly won a couple of weeks after another equally clear victory: in Veronese dialect “net” means “clean” and here, dear readers, for once everything is crystal clear, what was supposed to happen, happened.
With Roethlisberger officially out of action, Pittsburgh finds itself at an interesting crossroads, as even though at first glance this team is one quarterback away from AFC hegemony. the 2021 Steelers’ problems went far beyond the pitcher’s right arm: The attacking line, for example, neutralized the brilliance of Najee Harris, while the forward seven proved utterly incapable of resisting the opponent’s running games.

Obviously, having Watt, Johnson, Harris, Claypool, Fitzpatrick and Haden makes for an incredibly strong starting point, but don’t make the mistake of thinking these Steelers are just one quarterback away from the Super Bowl: 42 points. scored by Kansas City over a small beer were certainly not awarded by Roethlisberger.
Adding a homeopath to the equation would make them exponentially more dangerous.this is out of the question: the homeopath of the Steelers I’m sure it would be tremendously amusing for all you readers who would read every week my -probably in vain- clumsy attempts to disguise antipathy and hatred.
Or will they try to find the solution to the most annoying problem by relying on the eraser?

We conclude with the poor Cardinals, who made the playoffs at the worst time of their season: I think in the last month we’ve all had to understand the importance – and the greatness – of DeAndre Hopkins, a player without whom Arizona’s offense becomes a docile little monster who doesn’t particularly fear anyone and fights immensely for score more than twenty points.
Against the Rams, the Cardinals played the worst possible game, being slaughtered from every point of view: what impressed me most was the ease with which Los Angeles controlled the line of scrimmage, imposing their own rhythm on the game and running insistently to take the ball. Pressure. out of Stafford.
It all worked out for the Rams.

I’m convinced that Arizona has proven, if healthy, to be a team with what it takes to make the playoffs every year. even if the offseason could subject them to a forced and painful metamorphosis potentially capable of distorting the list: in attack among the dying players we find Zach Ertz, James Conner, Christian Kirk, AJ Green, Chase Edmonds and Maxx Williams, in short, anyone except Hopkins and Murray, while in defense they will have to understand once and for all what to do . see with Chandler Jones.
Renewing them all is obviously impossible, renewing a couple: Kirk, Ertz and Conner? – It is almost mandatory to give continuity to the good shown in the first part of the season: with all the available squires, Murray, not in vain, played as MVP.
The defense’s mission, on the other hand, must be to push the forward seven because in recent months, especially after Watt’s injury, he hasn’t found a way to stop the opponent’s running game.

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