The summary of the fifteenth Sunday of 2021 NFL – USA

Unfortunately, this Covid-19 monster has decided to take center stage again, beginning to shake our lives again: don’t worry, I don’t want to -and I don’t have the means to- launch into sociological-epidemiological discussions. in a football article, the reason I bring it up is pretty obvious and coincides with the heavy changes made to the schedule in recent days to guarantee every team a chance to take the field.
In fact, three games have been rescheduled and that’s why this article will be decidedly shorter than usual: I had thought about postponing your Monday article to Wednesday, but what Monday article would it be if you published it on Wednesday?

History, especially in this league, is made by winners and talking about a “good loss” can sound very bad, but let me declare myself proud of what the Baltimore Ravens did against the Green Bay Packers: without Lamar Jackson and the usual throng of injured starters, Baltimore pushed Green Bay to the limit and lost just one point, 31-30.
That we could witness a balanced game was understood almost immediately since in the first three series of the contest Baltimore took home two touchdowns, both signed by a moving Mark Andrews, arrived after a taunt casualty turnover near the goal line than in hindsight…
Green Bay, true team that it is, responded rationally to the fire with a pair of touchdowns that sent teams to the locker room at 14-all.

As is tradition, Green Bay returned to the field with the idea of ​​splitting the game in two and with a touchdown by Aaron Jones, one by Márquez Valdés-Scantling and a comfortable placement by Crosby, they escaped 31 to 17: despite the excellent effort, at the time the contest seemed to have slipped out of Baltimore’s hands forever, but probably no one took into consideration the pride and attributes of this team – and of a magnificent Tyler Huntley.
With their heads down, the Ravens began to move the chains with ease, coming back with a touchdown run by Huntley: Green Bay, with a couple of first downs for the victory, could not go beyond the three and outthus giving opponents one last unexpected chance to regain parity.
With about two minutes available and about fifty yards to cover, the magnificent Huntley carried the team on his shoulders leading them to another touchdown, the second in a row coming thanks to his legs: similar to what he did with the Steelers, Baltimore tried to play it. all with the two-point conversion -which, however, would not have frozen the victory since Rodgers would have had about 40 seconds to put Crosby in position to win it-, but exactly as against Pittsburgh the good Andrews was not able to Catch the ball.
With this victory, the Packers are officially in the playoffs while Baltimore, with problems of 8-6, will have to play it all in the last three weeks: I recognize that continuing to lose games by a couple of points hurts, but if you take into consideration the The context in which these defeats come makes it hard for me not to be proud of what combines a group that continually compensates for obvious technical limitations with cardinal virtues.

Our football day began on the night between Saturday and Sunday when the Colts stopped the run of the hot Patriots with an excellent 27 to 17.: The Reich guys were commendable in exploiting every single mistake made by New England who, to be fair, were able to get back into the game in the final fifteen minutes of play.
Less than 20 to 0, in fact, Mac Jones took his attack to three punctuation unit consecutive that traced them by three lengths, but unfortunately for them that phenomenon of Jonathan Taylor decided to put on the superhero cape at the worst possible moment -for New England- becoming the protagonist of a true race for the MVP at the most delicate moment absolutely: Although a first down would have effectively closed out games, Taylor decided to overdo it by carrying the ball into the end zone at the end of a 67-yard gallop that made millions of fantasy owners around the world happy.
This was an excellent win for the Colts — Indy basically returned the favor to New England by replicating what Belichick’s guys did a couple of weeks ago against the Bills, as Wentz only completed five passes.
Interesting this 2021, the year in which the pleasure of winning games by moving the chains exclusively on the ground was rediscovered.

The Buffalo Bills savor the serenity that a victory guarantees as they dispatch the embarrassing Carolina Panthers 31-14: I’m having a hard time taking this game seriously, as it’s getting harder and harder to find negative superlatives to comment on the work of Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers offense.
It’s not that there isn’t a lack of good will, for God’s sake, it’s that it seems quite evident that the right arm of the former Superman is no longer capable of allowing him to practice the art of quarterbacking at a level high enough to merit a starter jersey in this league: for Josh Allen, on the other hand, three touchdowns in an afternoon in which for once he was almost never forced to overdo it.

They have suffered much more than they should but a victory is a victory, even if it has come against the Jets: Miami, with a convulsive 31 to 24, has finally reached 50% of victories, once again applying pride to the playoffs.
After a very difficult start marked by turnovers and three and outTua and teammates very lucidly resumed moving the chains efficiently, scoring 17 consecutive points embellished by a pair of touchdowns from the revived Duke Johnson: a choose six Thrown by Tua brought the Jets back to parity, but Miami, like a true team, didn’t break down and found the overtaking touchdown — and the win — a few minutes later thanks to a valuable catch from the ever-underrated DeVante Parker.

One of the most inexplicable results of the week comes from Detroit, where the poor Lions literally massacred the Arizona Cardinals: the last 30 to 12 it is incapable of conveying the idea of ​​dominance perpetrated by Detroit for sixty minutes in which, for one Sunday, they were superior to their opponents in all three phases of the game.
In the shields a commendable Jared Goff who, completing 21 of the 26 attempted passes, not only scored three excellent touchdowns, but also allowed his team to control the pace of the game without any problem and expel the unrecognizable Cardinals from contention. they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves some questions: The one they saw this Sunday is anything but a playoff team, let alone an NFC No. 1 seed.

I was hoping that through a victory they would proudly show the middle finger to that questionable individual who calls himself Urban Meyer, but I was wrong: excellent The Houston Texans managed to prevail without too much trouble over the remnants of the Jacksonville Jaguars with the final score of 30-16.
Led by an efficient and sensibly reliable Mills, the Texans played an orderly, no-nonsense game in which they exploited the verve of Brandin Cooks, easily the most abused receiver in the league: the veteran finished yesterday with 7 receptions for 102 yards and a par. of touchdowns that remind us how much this sport has left to give, if only he were on a serious team…
Still late at night for Jacksonville, but at least good old James Robinson found his smile with a 1-yard touchdown run.

I doubt that the performance of his offensive department will go down in the history of the discipline, but a victory is a victory: taking advantage of the incredible form of the defense, Dallas got rid of the New York Giants with a soft general of 21 to 6 in which the four turnovers committed by Glennon and partners made the difference.
Not even yesterday did the Cowboys’ assorted attack express itself in no disrespect to its potential, but as long as the opportunistic defense continues to generate rotation at this rate…

Speaking of rotation, what about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ big win over the Tennessee Titans?
Despite an unexciting performance from Roethlisberger and the offensive department, Pittsburgh went 19-13 over Tennessee.: The fate of the Titans was determined by an unfortunate series of turnovers – three in a row – transformed by Pittsburgh in three places that allowed them to first regain parity and then, one at a time, build an advantage that this version of the Attack of the titans can hardly come back.

To reiterate how the aesthetic of victory is an overrated sophism, they thought so too the Cincinnati Bengals, capable of taking home a “horrible” 15-10 at the expense of the Denver Broncos: The one that took place in Colorado was a game that was anything but exciting and fun in which coolness from McPherson – masterful at converting a couple of spots from 50+ yards – and a great play from Boyd that actually gave him handed the win to Cincinnati, then good at containing timid comeback attempts from opponents.
Fortunately, Teddy Bridgewater’s condition, transported to hospital after a terrifying head-on-ground, appears to be good and the unfortunate quarterback should have avoided serious injury – don’t let us get into these scares, Teddy.

Everything is easy for the very launched 49ers who dismiss the poor Atlanta Falcons without too much trouble: I think the final 31 to 13 he is able to return much of the dominance perpetrated by Shanahan’s boys, architects of an excellent performance on both sides of the line of scrimmage.
Jeff Wilson’s test is authoritative, finally able to top 100 rushing yards: Called up to replace Mitchell, the trusty veteran has gained 110 yards on 21 attempts, also taking away the whim of making the first touchdown of his 2021.

We conclude our fine review with a very particular result, which is the 9-0 with which the New Orleans Saints proved to be the black beast of Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Since spending the winter in Florida, the greatest of all time has never been able to beat the Saints in the regular season.
The game was marred by injuries to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, injuries that effectively deprived Brady of his best weapons: It must be impressive that Brady has never managed to lead his attacking department into the red zone, even against a solid defense. like the Saints it’s very difficult to get it right throwing to a couple of practice squad receivers.
Don’t read us too much between the lines, even though the loss was as sensational as it was humiliating, I’m convinced that in not many weeks when Brady and his associates will be dominating the playoffs, no one will remember this debacle.

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