The team that James Harden is looking forward to joining!

Much criticized for weeks, does James Harden really have a future in the Sixers? Some observers, however, report a desire for the player to join another player in the league. And the franchise in question will infuriate Philly fans…

If Philadelphia was able to revive by winning Game 3 against the Heat (99-79), it was not thanks to james harden. With only 4/11 shots and 7 bullet losses, the rear was again very clumsy, the one who had already been destroyed by his performance in the second game. This is also a trend that has been confirmed for several weeks, the former Rocket is regularly singled out for his disappointing level of play.

On top of that, La Barba does not reassure about his mentality, the one who could take a big risk on his future in Pennsylvania. In fact, he wants to hit the jackpot no matter what… Even if it means doing it far from his current stable? That’s what some observers think, Bleacher Report remembering that, in effect, he has a chosen destination in mind in the event of departure. Ironically for Sixers fans, this is simply their second-round opponent!

James Harden would like to play in Miami

In October 2020, when Harden was still a member of the Houston Rockets, there were three teams he wanted to join. While he has since been traded to two of them (the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers), Harden has also spoken to his inner circle on the Miami Heat. the heat star, jimmy butlerhe had even approved of a possible trade at the time.

Although Harden is unlikely to leave Philly now, Miami, the No. 1 seed in the East, should still be on the table. That scenario is only likely to come true if the Sixers aren’t willing to give Harden a five-year maximum contract, especially with Joel Embiid’s four-year, $196 million super-maximum extension taking effect in 2023-24.

It’s no secret that South Beach is a hot spot for superstars. A huge fan of nightlife, much to the chagrin of many, the 2018 MVP would certainly find her happiness in Florida. On top of that, he would join a 2019-20 finalist team that has a good chance of going to the conference finals by winning 2-1 against Philly. Especially since the latter is not guaranteed to offer a maximum salary, as he wishes.

The interest on his part is therefore logical, but what about the franchise led by Pat Riley? In this, we are much less certain. B/R specifies that setting up a trade for Harden would have big consequences for Erik Spoelstra’s group, potentially ending discussions:

A sign and trade for Harden would be costly for Miami. Such a deal would likely include contracts for Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson, with Philly naturally asking for a major player to upgrade the counterpart (Tyler Herro?).

After Brooklyn and Philadelphia, James Harden could try to join the Heat, his other dream destination. I’m not sure Floridians will give him a chance, though, since such a successful trade would seriously undermine the quality of his workforce.

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