The tone rises in the Lakers, Jeanie Buss issues a big warning for LeBron!

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Like their last season, the Lakers’ offseason didn’t start off in the best of ways. In this context, owner Jeanie Buss sent a clear message to LeBron James, whose departure rumors are multiplying!

Arriving early in the Lakers’ microcosm through his father, Jerry, he quickly took a liking to success and titles. However, since he took over at the helm of the franchise, this success has tended to fade. However, do not think that Jeanie Buss is satisfied with the recent results of her team. She has also made the opposite clear in her latest beefy speech.

Jeanie Buss warns LeBron James and the Lakers

In a lengthy interview with Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, Buss spoke about the recent rout of Purple & Gold, marked by the absence of Frank Vogel’s men in the playoffs. A rarity in the history of the organization, which obviously did not please his big boss. The latter, therefore, clearly lambasted this failure, letting it be understood in the first place that he would not want this to happen again:

I’m starting to lose patience because we had the fourth largest salary table in the league. When you spend that much money on the luxury tax, you expect to go deep in the playoffs. So yes, investing so much and not getting the expected results was heartbreaking for me. I am not happy, I am not satisfied. We don’t like to miss the playoffs, I understand the anger and frustration of the fans. I have to fix this.

Precisely to fix this, the leader is ready to use drastic means, as was the case in 2017 when she fired… her own brother, Jim!

Absolutely. If we don’t meet the Lakers’ standard of excellence, of course I’ll consider everything. I will make important and delicate decisions, because that is what has to be done in these cases.

And who says great decisions to the Lakers, necessarily says Lebron James. However, the alleged influence of the King and his Klutch Sports agency in decision-making would no longer necessarily go well in the franchise’s offices. Jeanie Buss wanted to reaffirm his authority during this interview:

Do you have the last word? No. Do they lead the team? No, no, not at all. I am the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers and I am responsible for all the decisions that are made here.

One year from the end of his contract, could LBJ be sacrificed for the good of the team? as some analysts call it ? At the moment, Buss says that, in any case, she is determined to keep the superstar from her, but she does not close the door on her departure if she were to claim him:

I want him to have faith in the team and to know that we will have the necessary pieces to win a title. He must be happy here, and I want to make sure of that.

As vocal as ever, Jeanie Buss has made it clear that she will not accept another disastrous season from the Lakers. No one will be safe in this case, not even LeBron James!

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