the via Colognole sports center obtains funds from the Pnrr

The urban regeneration projects financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan in the area will change the sporting face of Greve in Chianti. The PNRR fund requested and obtained by the municipality of Sottani to make one of the most significant investments, included in the “Sport and Well-being” intervention strategy, designed by the municipal administration that integrated the ministerial financing with its own resources equivalent to 400 thousand euros for a total value of the intervention amounting to two million 200 thousand euros. The refurbishment of the sports facilities in Greve in Chianti, due to be completed by June 2026, aims to expand the sports offer with a view to environmental sustainability and enrich the range of opportunities related to the various disciplines, including swimming, tennis , paddle tennis, as tools for well-being and social inclusion.

In particular, at the center of the complex urban regeneration work is the municipal swimming pool sports facility and the adjacent area, located in via di Colognole.

“Having participated in the tender with a project coordinated by our staff and having obtained the funds made available by these specific financing lines means strengthening the foundations of a diversified sports culture that has deep roots and vocations in our territory – declared the mayor satisfied. Paolo Sottani – we invest in the regeneration of sports facilities not only to improve their management from an energy point of view, but also to create new spaces and take advantage of their important social potential and the aggregative glue that characterizes the world of sport”.

“Ours is an operation whose objective is the well-being, cohesion and socialization of the community -specifies the mayor- the possibility of practicing and cultivating various sports with passion offers an important contribution to the training of young people and is essential for the growth and well-being of all citizens and citizens in any age group”.

The investment will go to the execution of the energy efficiency intervention of the municipal swimming pool and the creation of a new tennis court with an adjoining recreational, cultural and social area, attached to the swimming pool.

The Municipality of Greve in Chianti participated in another tender, together with the Municipality of Castellina in Chianti, for the urban regeneration of municipalities with a threshold of less than 15,000 inhabitants, of which Greve in Chianti is the leader. The proposal of the Sottani council, awaiting answers, aims to improve the sports facilities in Greve and the public structure of the Limonaia di Panzano in Chianti.

“We ask for another loan to carry out an articulated remodeling of the municipal stadium of Greve in Chianti, along the Sr 222 – says the mayor – the intervention that we have designed involves the construction of a new sports field approved for the third category, a new 9-a-side football field for the youth sector, a 90-seat grandstand, a pedestrian walkway at the Greve”.

The intervention, if financed, will lead to the creation of an athletics/cycling track and a photovoltaic system on the roof of the grandstand. The construction of a multipurpose room is also planned, as well as the planning and expansion of the car park with new parking spaces.

Source: Chianti Fiorentino Associated Press Office

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