The Warrior who hit unprecedented for 50 years last night!

In addition to a big win over the Grizzlies, the Warriors have seen one of their players accomplish something unheard of in nearly 50 years. A great performance, and one that confirms that Golden State already has a solid core for the future. As if this team needed that.

With a solid team and a fit Steph Curry (30 points), the Warriors easily dominated the Grizzlies on Saturday night, 142-112. An especially marked meeting for Ja Morant’s woundwhich will be very uncertain for Game 4. But there were other game facts in this opposition, with the good performance of Jonathan Kuminga, who started for this Game 3.

The young promise that delights the Warriors!

A great first for the young Warriors player, since he is barely 19 years old. To tell the truth, and if we base ourselves on the statistics reported by Kendra Andrews, it is something unheard of for almost 50 years in the current league. Kuminga was under a lot of pressure with this new status and the stakes in this game, but we can say that the number “00” lived up to Steve Kerr’s expectations.

Warriors winger Jonathan Kuminga is the youngest player to start a playoff game since the starters were counted in 1970-71. Kuminga is only 19 years and 213 days old.

As we said, some pressure for Kuminga, and it was seen in the first moments of the game. The young winger wanted to do too well, sometimes forcing his decision-making into the game, but after a short period of adaptation, he was finally able to unleash his potential, with a total of 18 points on 8/10 shooting, and in just 18 minutes on the ground. A nice contribution for the player, that he can congratulate himself.

We can also finish with another statistic, since Kuminga takes the opportunity to join Carmelo Anthony, who had debuted with the Nuggets in the playoffs, in history:

Kuminga’s 18 points tonight is the most by a teenager (under 21, editor’s note) in the playoffs since Melo in 2004.

Very nice evening for Jonathan Kuminga, who will remember his debut with the Warriors in these playoffs. But young or not, the winger will have to make sure, because it is the title that is played for his team. In any case, the future is bright in San Francisco.

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