The “Zone”, this extremely rare state of mind that hit Tracy McGrady in 2004

Would Tracy McGrady’s 13 points in 33 seconds on December 9, 2004, or one of the most brilliant performances in the NBA, be linked to a psychological state as rare as it is complex? So few athletes can attest to this, those who do are categorical: it is an almost divine mechanism. explanations.

13 points in 33 seconds: the achievement is so immense that it seems almost divine, even almost 20 years later. On this night of December 9, 2004 against the Spurs, Tracy McGrady is simply unplayable and enters an almost unreal state. To American commentators, it’s simply ” ON FIRE » :

However, this state in which the athlete seems to be on a small cloud is not only the result of an unprecedented sporting feat: it would have true scientific explanations.

Thus, some researchers call it the area “others the ” flow “. A fantastic sports grail that only a small handful of athletes have achieved or will achieve throughout their careers. And Tracy McGrady is one of them. “Being in the zone” ultimately means not being able to miss anything you try , in the picture, a little, of the rare players who achieved the absolute perfect in a match. A short detour to Wikipedia provides a simple and effective definition:

“Mental state that a person reaches when he is completely immersed in an activity, and is in a state of maximum concentration, full commitment and satisfaction in its performance”

Drowned in this ultimate concentration, conscious and unconscious reflexes would improve an athlete’s coordination and enable him to absolutely succeed in anything he attempts. Like Tracy McGrady this afternoon on December 9, 2004, he who returned his four long-distance missiles from near-impossible situations: he had reached his peak of concentration, surfing on an idyllic cloud for 33 seconds.

If the NBA star unfortunately never really talked about this mysterious experience, several other great athletes have said they have felt similar sensations. Pelé, the legendary soccer player, explained for example to the New York Times :

Pele : I felt like a strange calm… a kind of euphoria. I felt like I could run an entire day without getting tired, being able to dribble through all of their teams or through all of them, that I could almost physically pass through them.

The famous Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, before his tragic accident, had also been immersed in this famous “zone”. He had also detailed this incredible feeling in front of the media:

Ayrton senna : And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. She was driving it instinctively but she was in another dimension. It was like in a tunnel. Not only in the tunnel under the hotel: the entire circuit was a tunnel. I kept going back and forth, over and over and over and over. He was well over the limit, but he could still find more.

Moral of the story ? The human mind is in fact capable of completely incredible things..

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