“They have the best squad and will win many titles”

There is no shortage of great teams in the big leagues, with the latter benefiting from a very deep workforce. A high-profile GM recently showered a conference rival with praise, saying he could go for multiple titles with his current team! And this, while he is not saved from injuries.

To be part of the top of the league, there aren’t 36,000 ways to get there: Beyond as healthy a structure as possible within the front office, you also need a very competitive roster. So this includes stars capable of leading the team, players taking over from the bench, and soldiers capable of taking on obscure tasks. Quality and depth, two essential data to ensure the success of a franchise.

Several of them enjoy this privilege through the NBA, such as Devin Booker’s Suns or the Sixers led by Joel Embid. However, when asked the question, Sam Presti gave a very surprising answer about who has the best roster in the league. According to him, it is a Californian squad that has just been eliminated by Minnesota in the Play-In, and in which the GM of the Thunder sees a gigantic potential:

Sam Presti praises Clippers roster

Presti: “I think the Clippers probably have the best roster in basketball and probably win a title, multiple titles. Presti said that in the context of the Clippers’ injuries.

Let’s remember that the OKC leader is no stranger to building the Sailboats’ workforce, notably having sold them to Paul George in a trade nearly three years ago. He had asked him to leave Los Angeles, where he was from, and the Thunder had attracted a lot of draft picks, as well as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

However, it is since then that the Clipps are seen as a cador of the West, when they had just lost the squad that we knew under the name of Lob City. Kawhi Leonard and PG13 make a strong duo on the wings, and the rest of Tyronn Lue’s group isn’t bad either with Robert Convington, Marcus Morris, Norman Powell and of course Nicolas Batum. Without The Klaw’s injury last year in the playoffs, they could have made it to the NBA Finals instead of losing to the Suns.

Curiously, although the two-time champion did not play a single game of the campaign and George also missed several months, the Angelenos managed to maintain a more than decent level of play, to the point of finishing in the Top 8 of their conference. Proof that the group was well built, with players knowing their roles and evolving in symbiosis. Both stars are expected to be back at 100% next year, making the team an immediate title contender.

Sam Presti says it’s effective, he thinks the Clippers have great potential going forward. To the extent that Kawhi Leonard would return well from his injury, in any case, there’s a good chance sailboats will once again become a stronghold in the West.

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