“This is what awaits Zion Williamson this summer”

Absent for the entire season, Zion Williamson will be expected by all next year. He involves his teammates, too, and a Pelicans star has decided to personally take on his case during the upcoming offseason. The tone is set!

2022-23 is still a long way off, but zion williamson You should now prepare for a pivotal campaign in your career. The interior should reassure the New Orleans franchise as fans and observers after missing the entire current workout due to health concerns. Overweight, stress fracture in the left foot: the list was very long, to the point that your financial future is seriously threatened.

The good news is that Monstar is actively working on his return to the pitch, and he’s already in good enough shape to believe it. the recent images of his physique sharpened like never before. Another encouraging point, he can always count on the unwavering support of his locker room at the Bayou, starting with CJ McCollum. The full-back announced the suit recently, and he’ll be spending a lot of time with the big man this summer to make sure he’s back in top form:

CJ McCollum will rub shoulders with Zion this summer

I took him under my wing, I have to make sure he’s okay. We communicated this summer about when we were going to meet up and spend time together. I’m taking him to New York to work with me during draft week… I’m taking him to Vegas to hang out, so we can develop a bond.

It is no coincidence that this decision was made by the ex-Blazer, given the chaotic beginnings of his cohabitation with the budding superstar. Leading the Pels as soon as they hit the deadline, even leading Willie Green’s squad to the playoffs thanks to his performance, the point guard knows his teammate has what it takes to be a generational talent and wants to exploit it by maximum. The upside is that he knows the role of lieutenant all too well after spending eight years alongside Damian Lillard.

In any case, the attitude of McCollum, who takes his leadership/mentor status in Louisiana very seriously, is admirable. He also did not hide that the former duke would not be the only member of the roster with whom he will be in regular contact, so that everything goes perfectly next year:

I have to know how to run the store, so I’ll do the same with Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas. I have to be able to satisfy the interiors as well.

CJ McCollum wants Zion Williamson to be in the best possible condition to compete again, both physically and mentally. To do this, nothing better than spending time with colleagues, in order to develop a real connection between them.

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