“This player? He’s a mix between Michael Jordan, Magic and Larry Bird.

A fusion between Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird? According to a former NBA player, such a specimen would exist within the league. The athlete in question embodies the future of the game on the other side of the Atlantic, provided that he can chain the distinctions in years to come.

If I had to wait until 2021-22 to finally get past a round of the playoffs, Luka Doncić It didn’t take long for him to prove to the NBA that he was ready to dominate. ROY 2019 has been throwing a real party in America for four years, unleashing one craziness after another in both the regular season and postseason. Tied for the round of 16 against the Suns (2-2), the star of the Mavericks also continues to spill the dirt with 33 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists on average.

These kinds of impressive stat lines, the former Real Madrid player has simply trivialized since his arrival in the big leagues. As expected, many watchers are on their knees in front of him, won over by his sky-high performances. A former player turned basketball analyst for the SiriuxXM radio channel, Sam Mitchell was especially smitten with him recently. The former Wolves member directly compared the nugget to some of the biggest attacking stars of all time!

Luka Doncic showered in praise by Sam Mitchell

It’s amazing when you see Luka play. This young man is doing offensive things that we haven’t seen since Michael Jordan. And I know that he does it in a different way than those of us who had the pleasure of seeing Michael Jordan play in those days are used to seeing. And he does it differently Lebron James Where Kevin Durant. So it’s really unique.

Capable of crushing his opponents both in scoring and in caviar distribution with the shovel, El Matador is in fact an absolutely insoluble puzzle for the competition. If he still fishes sometimes for greed in three points and can lose many balls in a game (4.1 career average), his control of the orange ball is total. Mitchell didn’t finish with the compliments either, explaining that he reminded her of two basketball legends as well as MJ:

He is unique in that his style of play does not match his size. I’m going to quote something Isiah Thomas said about Magic Johnson: “You can call him a playmaker, but he’s not a playmaker on this body. He is a strong winger.” Luka plays like Magic Johnson, but he has the touch and finesse of Larry Bird. It’s something we’ve never seen before, and frankly, with his size and abilities, we may never see him again.

Sam Mitchell is obviously a huge fan of Luka Doncic, whom he doesn’t hesitate to compare to some of the greatest players in history. The crazy thing is that, in terms of talent, the Slovenian could join them…

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