“This will be the future of LeBron in the league”

No one knows if LeBron will stay beyond his contract with the Lakers, and many are wondering about a possible departure. Can such an earthquake really happen when he is already 37 years old? A famous analyst has given a clear opinion on the matter.

The Lakers have a lot of questions about their future, and not just because the 2022 offseason is going to be a busy one, with a large chunk of the roster having to be revamped. Indeed, Lebron James He only has one year left on his contract with the Pourpres et Ors, but after the catastrophic campaign they have just had (33-49), will he want to stay longer? The player’s silence does not help, especially since he has claimed to want to finish his career along with his son Bronny. Put it somewhere else…

As a result, some observers speak explicitly of a King’s trade, and Californians take advantage of this so as not to be left empty-handed in the event of his departure or even his retirement. Three franchises have even been named as likely delivery points. ! However, Brian Windhorst hardly believes in such a scenario. On the contrary, the interior ofESPN recently reaffirmed that the winger will definitely stay in the City of Angels:

Brian Windhorst says LeBron will stay in Los Angeles

LeBron wants to be a Laker. Whatever he’s said this season out of frustration, whatever he’s said about wanting to play with his son Bronny, he wants to be a Laker. He wants and likes to live in Los Angeles. He wants his children to complete his education there, and he still believes he can lead the Lakers to another league title.

A priori, the objectives that the Chosen One has set for himself with the Californian squad would not have changed one iota, as the number 6 still wants to win his fifth ring with his current team. The living environment in which he has been living for three years suits both him and his loved ones, an important factor here. Furthermore, Windhorst reminds that there is very little chance that LA will part ways with him without him having a say in fate:

LeBron will not be traded to another team unless he agrees. I know he no longer has an anti-transfer clause in his contract, but you can’t do that to a player of his caliber and the Lakers know it. LeBron’s personality and aura must be taken into account, even if it’s hard to see where the Lakers are headed right now.

Therefore, LeBron James could stack up quite a bit on the City of Angels side, though he has yet to give any indication in this direction. However, we should have a clearer picture of the situation when free agency kicks off.

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