throws the shirt and leaves in the middle of the game

Controversial wide receiver Antonio Brown was fired by Tampa Bay after he refused to return to the court in the NFL game against the Jets, stripped off his clothes and jersey, threw it into the crowd and left the stadium alone. For the football star, it could be the latest folly in a long streak in the league.

Controversial American football star anthony brown may have played his last game in NFL. The phenomenal recipient of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was in fact shot in the trunk of his franchise after his latest eccentricity in tonight’s game against the Jets. The Florida team won the game (28-24) but the result was overshadowed by the latest madness of the 33-year-old from Miami.

It all happened out of the blue in the middle of the third quarter. The head coach sent Brown to the locker room after the latter has refused to enter the field several times. After a fight with his teammate Mike Evans, who tried to calm him down, Brown stripped off his kit, tossed the jersey into the crowd and headed to the locker room. and then left the stadium alone before the match was over.

The player, without even greeting his teammates, he was escorted by police to the New York airport from where he flew home alone. at the end of the game The coach of the Buccaneers has announced his immediate dismissal. This is how the stormy career of one of the most brilliant and controversial receivers in the NFL of the last decade could have ended.

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That tonight is only himlatest in a series of controversial episodes that saw the star of the NFL protagonist not because of his skills as a receiver but because of his behavior off the field. In 2019 he was hired and fired after just three days by the New England Patriots after being accused of sexual assault by a former coach of his (accusations that he rejected and for which he was never convicted since the matter ended with a plea agreement between the parties). In 2020, Brown was sentenced to two years probation for the robbery crime After being accused of participating in a trucker robbery.

Tampa Bay signed him this year giving him another chance, but his season was previously marred by a three-game suspension for having presented a false vaccination certificate against Covid (which the NFL is still investigating) and after several disagreements with his coach that culminated in the sensational episode of the race against the Jets that in fact cost him his dismissal and may have definitively ended his career in the most prestigious league in the world. Football.

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