Trae Young poses his problem with the Knicks with a great entrance!

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Trae Young and the Knicks have had a rocky relationship since the 2020-21 playoffs. The guard does absolutely nothing to make things better, he proves it with his last statement! Big Apple fans will be especially offended.

The least we can say is that Trae Young didn’t shine in these playoffs. It was even the opposite, as the star point guard was catastrophic in attack, with only 15 points and 6 assists on average… while losing 6 balls per game and completely tearing up the direction (32% shooting, 19% behind the arc). ) . Without their best player to guide them, the Hawks didn’t last long and it took Miami just five small games to eliminate them in the first round.

Quite a contrast to last year’s postseason campaign, during which the two-time All-Star was simply brilliant. If Atlanta had managed to climb to the conference finals, it was largely thanks to its franchise player in great form. We will especially remember his great series against the Knicks (4-1 in the first round), during which his provocations had created a real rivalry between him and the New York public. And their relationship hasn’t improved since…

Because the guard didn’t stop there, at spades he took down the Madison Square Garden fan base, and added a cape during the current season. More recently, she broached the subject again during the JJ Redick podcast, notably making a comparison to Miami fans. Unsurprisingly, the parallel isn’t flattering for his favorite victims who’ve been given a new entrance to the face:

Trae Young launches a new shovel to the New York public

The Heat guys didn’t say anything at all, they didn’t speak. In Miami, I think they stayed focused on what they had to do. I think there are some guys you shouldn’t talk to, just leave them alone. I feel like one of those guys in that category.

It is not a secret, the leader of the Falcons is seen among the cream of the league and therefore also among those who should not be provoked, under penalty of immediate punishment. In any case, we can’t contradict him on the matchup between him and NY, since he shot almost 30 points and 10 assists on average.

Suddenly, the player makes the fans of the Big Apple understand that the next time they meet, it would be wiser to remain silent in front of him. However, Young didn’t just have slaps to dish out. He also admitted that he was delighted to have this experience at MSG, which continues to be the mecca of basketball and especially in the playoffs. The atmosphere generated by the public has a lot to do with it:

I give them a lot of credit. It’s one of the craziest environments I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed this series against them.

Clearly, it won’t be tomorrow before that that Trae Young and the Knicks crowd will be friends again. We will still note the leader’s little compliment to fans of Evan Fournier & co., something he has rarely done in recent months!

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