Trapped, Trae Young knocks out Draymond Green and throws a beef!

Times are decidedly tough for Trae Young, fresh from the playoffs after a catastrophic first-round run. Obviously not recovered, the leader of the Hawks was duped by a huge troll on Twitter… and he atomized Draymond Green!

A year ago he was preparing to live the most significant moment of his career, and splash his talent into the playoffs for his first postseason campaign. This memory must seem very distant for Trae Young. Unable to keep up his momentum in the closing stages, this season’s Atlanta star failed to make it through the first round, annihilated by a far superior Heat team. A disappointment that apparently left its mark on him.

Bring Young cheated, he chars Draymond Green

Just sent off from vacation, Young is already very active on Twitter with several messages posted in the last few hours. Maybe too active, actually. Without being attentive enough, the young leader swallowed 100% a statement created from scratch by a false American sports media, and attributed… to Dramond Green. Ice Trae looked no further and destroyed the Warriors big man for those words he never said!

Buttock sports: Draymond Green: “In March, everyone was saying that Steph (Curry) was done. Everyone said that Trae was the new Steph and that the student had surpassed the teacher. Well, Trae just dropped 11 points on 16 percent shooting in a playoff game for her team. Steph would never have done that…”

Bring young: I think we would ALL like (maybe not) to see Draymond as the #1 option 😂😂

Trapped by the neat layout of this quote, identical to the one used by ESPN, Trae therefore saw nothing but fire and took this false attack from Green at face value. Result: She responded to Draymond with equal intensity, making it clear that the interior spoke too much for a second zone player offensively. Oh.

Of course, this scathing reply was quickly deleted by its author once the hoax was discovered. However, it was already too late to erase it forever from the canvas, which rarely allows this type of slip-up to pass. From now on, it’s Dray who risks taking the brimstone out on him… but this time because of the words spoken by his Hawks counterpart!

A little too flustered after his embarrassing playoff exit, Trae Young, however, attacked the wrong person on Twitter. Knowing him, Draymond Green runs the risk of making him pay very quickly!

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