‘Untouchable’ Sixers Player For Competition Revealed, Embiid Snubbed!

Philly might be active in the market this summer, but that doesn’t mean the franchise is ready for anything. For example, a member of the roster has been declared non-transferable by the latter … and it is not Joel Embiid!

For the second consecutive year, the Sixers’ adventure ended in the second round. A huge disappointment, especially as in 2021-22, the ambitions were particularly high with the duo. Joel Embidjames harden with the wand. Except it never really worked, especially in the playoffs between the Cameroonian’s injuries and the 2018 MVP’s poor performance. Miami therefore had no problem beating them in six games.

However, the expectations for the next campaign remain the same, that is, to fight for the NBA champion trophy. So the franchise is ready to do whatever it takes to get stronger, but certain elements of the workforce are too valuable to trade. This is particularly the case for Tyrese Maxey, according to local journalist Kyle Neubeck. Indeed, the latter has revealed that the person in question would be absolutely untouchable in the eyes of the front office:

Tyrese Maxey non-tradeable to Philadelphia

General manager Daryl Morey believes the Sixers’ path to a title fight lies in acquiring another big name, and he’ll do whatever it takes to bring him into the franchise. Will he use Tyrese Maxey to do it? The signs indicate no. “Maxey is pretty much untouchable,” a source told PhillyVoice over the weekend.

The combination of current production, fast-paced development, work ethic and Maxey’s character (not to mention his lucrative contract) gives him a very high rating for the Sixers internally, certainly higher than they had imagined when they drafted him in the draft two years ago. . It will not be the decisive element of a transaction if they negotiate it, but the main counterparty of a transaction. Don’t expect it to transfer unless a really big fish returns to the table.

Embiid must of course be included in this discussion, even if The Process is not mentioned in this statement. But Maxey’s case remains very important, given his meteoric rise during his second season. His scoring and assist stats have more than doubled (17.5 points and 4.3 bids per game) and he has been one of Philly’s few postseason satisfactions. On top of that, he’s still on his rookie deal and therefore costs little.

At the same time, it also means executives see him as the future 2-position starter. A role currently reserved for Harden, but The Beard has disappointed so much since his arrival in Pennsylvania that this could change soon. A trade isn’t out of the question, especially since he will weigh on the salary cap if he activates his $47 million option. In all respects, therefore, his teammate represents a more advantageous alternative.

The Sixers have sent a clear message to the competition: Don’t count on them parting ways with Tyrese Maxey any time soon. The guard is very important in his eyes, and he will put out a gigantic offer for the leaders to give in.

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