Valmora believes in the tennis boom as in skiing in the times of Alberto Tomba [AUDIO]

There is an ending that seems obvious if you don’t know the previous ones, the feminine one, and another ending that certainly doesn’t seem obvious even if you know the previous ones. and obviously it’s the male.

The only apparently obvious one is the one between Iga Swiatek and Ons Jabeur, with the Pole who has won 27 matches in a row, of which 26 in 2 sets, and thus has already matched the second best streak of none other than Serena Williams. (which stopped at quota 27 in Madrid 2015). But if Iga also wins the 7 matches of the next Roland Garros, she will surpass Justine Henin’s 32 consecutive victories in trumpet (the last victory came at the 2008 Australian Open) and the 34 of Serena’s best streak (last victory at Wimbledon 2013). ). ), equaling the 35 of Venus Williams (Linz 2000).


Of course Ash Bartyby retiring, he opened an avenue for her, but Iga certainly deserves the successes she is getting. But beware: Jabeur has a very varied tennis capable of putting everyone in trouble, and if you look at the balance of direct comparisons it turns out that Jabeur in Swiatek actually gave a lot of trouble if it is true that he won twice out of three (even if he never they met on clay).

The Tunisian also gave him severe scores in the two matches of 2021: 6-3,6-3 in Cincinnati, 5-7,6-1,6-1 in Wimbledon, while Iga’s only victory dates from 2019, 4-6,6-4, 6-4 at Washington.

But when you’ve won 27 games in a row and are the reigning champion in Rome, victorious at Roland Garros, it seems pretty hard to believe that Jabeur, even by virtue of his anomalous and unpredictable tennis, could subvert the prediction. It is true that Swiatek will take to the field with that apprehension that previous negatives usually carry, but Jabeur, in addition, ended up quite tested last night after the marathon with Kasatkina winning almost by miracle.

However, Ons was in high spirits having recovered a break and canceled a match point in the third set.. After the day before he had remounted Sakkari who was ahead 6-1.5-2. He nullified that match point with a straight forehand, very nonchalantly. And when throwing it he turned back, without even waiting for the referee’s confirmation. “I was sure it was good…and now you know I’m tired of losing the final!” he said smiling. Really very good girl, witty. In short, it is to be believed that she will not give up so easily although, as she said, she could feel the fatigue.: “In Indian Wells and Miami we play every other day… Here every day and it’s pretty hard.”


It comes from a series of matches played and won every day by Novak Djokovic. Against Casper Ruud he won his thousandth match, and the organizers did well to prepare a cream cake (meringue?) with that number written in red figures. Last night’s match against Auger Aliassime had been more exciting, because Novak’s superiority was never in doubt, especially after a dazzling start.

Since the start of the tournament, Ruud had given up just one service game out of 37. And he had saved 9 of 10 breakballs.. But the Norwegian had yet to face the best nerker on the planet. After 14 minutes at No. 10 in the world, two breaks had already come.

Thus, Novak took another step in the history of tennis, since only 4 players had exceeded a thousand victories in the professional circuit: Jimmy Connors with 1,274, Roger Federer with 1,251, Ivan Lendl with 1,068, Rafa Nadal with 1,051. a Djokovic would not mind catching up and surpassing Nadal not only in number of Slams won, but also in number of successes. If the body endures… Meanwhile he won the twelfth final at the Foro Italico and if he wins with Tsitsipas he gets the number of wins and losses in the final, six and six. And anyway, starting tomorrow Monday will be the world’s n.1 for week n.370. And that is a record that will be very, very difficult to beat. If not like Nadal’s 13 successes at Roland Garros, a record in my opinion impossible to beat (but perhaps Alcaraz’s fans may also think that it is not impossible…), almost. In fact, the only unbeatable record is Nicola Pietrangeli’s 164 appearances in the Davis Cup.

However, given Djokovic what is Djokovic, I liked the Tsitsipas better in the second and third sets against Zverev. In the first the boy from Athens had served badly when he had suffered the only break in 3 of the total, but then instead he had shown a very different completeness and variety of schemes compared to the german who still combines incredible roasts in the net and then when he has to take out the second ball he is still not always calm. When he suffered his breaks in the second and third sets he always committed at least one double fault. But have you seen how fast? Those two double faults that allowed Tsitsipas to rise to 2-0 saw him put two runners into the net at 151 and 120km per hour! In short, one serves much slower than the usual speed (around 210 km/h) and, however, does not manage to go over the net although it serves from the height of its meter and 98cm. In addition, racket, arm and jump make almost 4 meters.

In short, Tsitsipas seemed more solid than the German and also Djokovic seen so far and if I had to venture a forecast based on what has been seen in recent days, I would focus more on him than on the Serbian. But then out of scruples I went to look at the direct comparisons and saw that Djokovic is ahead 6-2 with Tsitsipas and above all that on clay he has won 4 of 4 matches.

Two of which he remembered very well, both in 5 sets at Roland Garros. In last year’s final, the Greek won the first two sets but lost the other three. However, two years earlier, he won third and fourth, but lost 6-1 to fifth.

So giving Djokovic as an underdog is a big gamble, always a great bet. But I would like to try to trust what I saw this week and also the previous one in Belgrade. For me Djokovic is still not the best Djokovic. So if Tsitsipas was able to drag him down to fifth place twice, when he was not yet the maturity he is today and when he faced a fitter Djokovic, I think this time the Greek has a 51% chance of beating the Serb. .that he has always beaten him on clay. Certainly Stefanos won’t be able to afford to start like he did against Zverev. The service has to put it from the beginning.

We have already fought several battles Djokovic said. and he on earth has proven to be one of the two or three strongest tennis players in the world. It will be another battle but I’m readyHe closed, after mentioning the first four games with Ruud:I think I played very well. I started in a fantastic way, 4-0… then I slowed down a bit, my level dropped, for 15 minutes I didn’t feel very good on the pitch, and he took the opportunity to put me down again in the set. In the 10th game, however, I closed it out, then I played very well again (very well…) in the last 4 games of the second set.“.

In my opinion, the key to victory this time will also be continuity. And in the integrity of the game. Tsitsipas also made it clear: “The margin is very small. It can depend on the accuracy of your shots, the choices you make, the types of shots, there are many factors that determine… I have analyzed my two lost matches with Djokovic (in the fifth set) and there are things that have not me It worked well a year ago when I was two sets to love. I’ve always been a bit stubborn, I didn’t want to change something (which I should have… implies), because up until that moment it had worked…” He says to himself with a smile, answering my first question followed by his knowledge of Italian since when he was 13-14 years old with his father he came to Puglia to play for TC Galatina and therefore the assistance from Italy and Italians was been extended: “Playing in Rome is a bit like playing in Athens… we are neighbors, I learned some phrases in Italian, I can understand almost everything people say, but I am a bit shy (to risk saying something… they understand). My favorite Italian phrase of all time, and one that I share, is without a doubt: “One face, one race! Which is true …And he laughs satisfied.

The Italian night at the Forum ended with a defeat for Fognini and Bolelli against the Croats Pavic and Mektic. At least in the third set the Azzurri deserved to go. They lost the second in the tiebreak after leading 4-1 with two minibreaks. But Fognini has missed the point twice on serve.

Sin. The public, however, had fun, cheered from hell, with a thousand “po-po-po-po-o” after the reserved Wave during the Djokovic-Ruud match.

Today I am sure you will have even more fun. The two finals promise entertainment.

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