“Victor Wembanyama can become the best player in history”

the future of Victor Wembanyama promises to be fabulous, his potential makes most scouts in the league drool. On the European side, the compliments are getting crazier towards him. A leader of the Betclic Elite thus declared that he saw in him a future GOAT!

We have probably never experienced as much enthusiasm with a French player as with Victor Wembanyama. The center who wears the colors of Lyon-Villeurbanne is one of the greatest hopes of European basketball, either because of what he shows in the championship and in the Euroleague or with his national team, with which he had shone especially in the Under 17 World Cup. years. FIBA made no mistake about it, occasionally sharing its highlights on social media:

It is no longer a secret in the Old Continent, the ASVEL nugget promises great things. League scouts are of the same opinion, as the big man is already considered the first pick in the 2023 draft, which would be a first for a player from France. Everyone is salivating over the delusional potential of the man, who has already been compared to a fusion between an MVP and Rudy Gobert.

Victor WembanyamaFuture NBA GOAT?

However, in the eyes of some, we can even expect more from him, who embodies the future of basketball for the tricolor nation. Inside the Jeep Elite, several people believe that he could mark the history of the orange ball as a whole. SIG Sporting Director Nicola Alberani added a remarkable layer to it, speaking directly of a potential GOAT!

He really can become the best European player that has ever played. He has everything to keep growing. He is too good, of course, for the French league. Very soon he will be too good even for the EuroLeague. Americans say that “the sky is the limit”. But in this case, he may be the greatest player of all time. He has everything to be the best player of all time for me.

Suffice it to say that the pressure continues to mount for the youngster, who will face enormous expectations when he makes the leap across the Atlantic. Until then, however, he still has time to progress, especially on the physical level where he must bulk up to better resist contact. For the rest, we can only hope for the best, especially thanks to its impressive size that resulted in an incredible imagerecently.

Could Victor Wembanyama one day join the discussion of the greatest player of all time, along with Michael Jordan and LeBron James? In any case, this is what some observers in France think. This is what will always increase the hype around you!

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