Warriors have fun, Bucks win with forceps

Good morning to all! What happened that night? Two really not surprising results, but game facts and a physiognomy that force us to delve into the subject. Croissant in the right hand, cup of coffee in the left, we look at it.

# The results of the night

# What to remember

  • The Bucks won by force, ahead of the orphaned Celtics of Jayson Tatum.
  • He played eh, 41 equal minutes, for 10 points on 4/19 shots.
  • A Giannis Antetokounmpo XXL with 42 points on 16/30 shooting, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.
  • For a quantified summary, we even had fun scoring the meeting!
  • The Warriors literally extinguished the Grizzlies.
  • The craziness of this part? Exit due to injury to Ja Morant, blow to the right knee.
  • We are still awaiting information on the extent of his injury.
  • At the postgame conference, Taylor Jenkins directly accused Jordan Poole of tearing his protégé’s knee.
  • We are not doctors, but the term is a bit of an exaggeration.
  • Otherwise, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Otto Porter Jr. and Jordan Poole all played very well.
  • In the meeting, the Dubs shoot with a 63% success rate, including 53% from long range, and 19/21 on release.
  • what bastards

# Some memories of the night

# The Top 10 of the night

  • To be found by clicking on this magic link, or wait a bit.

# The TTFL scores of the night

# The Playoff bracket

# Tonight’s show

  • 9:30 p.m.: Mavericks-Suns
  • 2 a.m.: Sixers-Heat

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