where and when to watch the games leading up to the Super Bowl. Green Bay favorite in the hunt for Tom Brady- Corriere.it

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The race for the January 13 challenge begins: Packers and Titan await their rivals, the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady reboot of the Philadelphia Eagles

The first regular season in history has closed for 17 days, for the NFL playoff time. open the hunt for a Tom Brady
and me Tampa Bay Buccaneers
current champions, in what seems to be one of the most balanced leagues in recent seasons. And in fact, the pandemic has not stopped him. desire to soccer in the United States: the regular season, held at 100% capacity in the stadiums, closed with an average of 67,254 spectators in the stands (+1% compared to the 2019 season, the pre-pandemic) according to data from the Sports business magazine while on television it was even better, with 91 regular-season games in the top 100 most-watched television shows of the period in America (all of the top 16 and 48 of the top 50).

Numbers destined to grow Super Bowl 56, scheduled for February 13 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewoodin the county of the Angels: a race that starts with the Super Wild Card Weekend divided into three nights, which in Italy will be visible in its entirety on Dazn.

The full weekend program

saturday january 15
10:30 p.m.: Cincinnati Bengals-Las Vegas Raiders.
sunday 16
2:15 p.m.: Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots.
7:00 p.m.: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Philadelphia Eagles.
10:30 p.m.: Dallas Cowboys-San Francisco 49ers
monday 17
2:15 a.m.: Kansas City Chiefs-Pittsburgh Steelers
tuesday 18
2:15 a.m.: Los Angeles Rams-Arizona Cardinals
All matches will be broadcast live on Dazn, the first four with commentary in Italian.

Nfc, command Green Bay but Brady is

On the Wild Card weekend they enjoy a rest period the first of each conference: in the case of NFC Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packersthat after the push and pull of the summer in his stay and an injury to the big toe of his right foot that has limited him for a month, they have won the bye, the field factor for all the playoffs (decisive, in the icy Lambeau Field) and the advantage of challenging the lowest seeded team that will go through the round. The current champions Buccaneers, on the other hand, go from the WildcardsHe finished second in the conference and played at home against Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles in what – on paper – seems to be one of the most obvious pairings of the round: at 44, Tom Brady closed out the regular season with his yard . pitching record (5,316) even though he lost a couple of key postseason receivers like Godwin -broken knee- and Brown, literally freaked out two weeks ago in New York after an altercation with coach Arians and left the field shirtless in competition in progress.

Rich in history and tradition (five NFL titles won each) the challenge between Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ersSeeding third and sixth respectively: Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to a terrific regular season, taking advantage of a soft schedule and finding a true defensive dominator in rookie Micah Parsons, while the 49ers experienced ups and downs reaching the playoffs only late. day with himbruised quarterback jimmy garo

people and his favorite targets, tight end Kittle and the spectacular Deebo Samuel, who can both run and receive. Everything to decipher the challenge between the Los Angeles Rams and Cardinals: The California team went all-in alongside QB Stafford receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (in a department that already had the excellent Kupp, first in receiving yards in the NFL) and completing a defense already level with the graft of Von Denver’s Miller, while the Cardinals dominated the early season but then lost blows to injuries that slowed starter Murray in November and especially wide receiver Prince Hopkins, still in the sick bay.

Afc, Surprise Titans

In Afc there is a leading team that surprises, tennessee titans able to bear even the absence of the train Derrick Henry, phenomenal runner
(finished 9th in the entire NFL in rushing yards despite playing only 8 games of 17) ready to return to the playoffs. The feat of the titans forced the Wildcard the kansas city mahomes chiefswho remain the big favorites in the conference despite a poor start to the season – four losses in the top seven – straightened up when the defense climbed with shots: coach Reid’s team will face him Coach Tomlin’s Pittsburgh Steelers (in the fifteenth season of the closed NFL without a negative record) and Big Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback close to retirement who hooked a sensational rating benefiting from sports suicide on the last day of the Indianapolis Colts, defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars. An all-in-Afc East challenge between Josh Allen’s third-ranked Buffalo Bills and the surprising New England Patriots.
that the holy man Bill
he was able to rebuild by entrusting the attack to quarterback Mac Jones, a rookie from Alabama selected No. 15 in the last draft. Finally, first date with the playoffs for the young Cincinnati Bengalsa franchise that hasn’t made the postseason since 2015: thanks to qb joe burrow (first overall pick in the 2020 draft, who last year broke the crusader after 11 runs), running back Mixon and rookie receiver Ja’marr Chase, fourth in receiving yards in the championship. They will face the Las Vegas RaidersWho it all happened to: Coach Gruden forced to resign in October over racist and homophobic emails and swapped by interim coach Rich Bisaccia, catcher Ruggs arrested for causing a fatal crash while driving drunk and cornerback Hobbs for driving while intoxicated of drunkenness, cornerback Arnette expelled for a video in which he is armed and finally the recent disappearance of the icon John Madden, who won the ring with the Raiders and later became an ambassador for American football around the world as a commentator and face of video games. Despite everything, a field goal by kicker Carlson in the last second of overtime in the final game qualified the Raiders and Steelers (who would have been eliminated with a tie), leaving the Los Angeles Chargers out of the playoffs.

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