Who is Auston Matthews, the image man of the NHL

Born in California to a Mexican family and raised in Arizona. The photo with a pronounced mustache and a veil of perennial tan outlines the portrait of his origins and suggests that he is a soccer star, baseball or an actor who plays the role of the owner of some limitless hacienda with horses and burrito perfume. and fajitas. Instead Auston Matthews is the new image of the NHL


An extraordinary goalscorer who wears the historic jersey of the Toronto Maple Leafs and has been enchanting ice hockey fans around the world for 6 seasons. One of the most anticipated stars of the playoffs that he kicked off this week and opened with his double (broadcast live on Sky Sport). Matthews is an extraordinary player, a great skater, but above all an incredible scorer. Last week he received for the second year in a row the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy, the accolade named after one of the Montreal Canadiens’ many past legends, given to those who score the most goals in the regular season. In short, the equivalent of the golden football boot. He had lifted it for the first time. last year with 41 goals in 52 matches and it had been a kind of entrance card to the adults’ club. This year surprised. She not only retrieved the trophy, but became the first american player birthplace of NHL history and also the first in the wonderful history of the Maple Leafs score 60 goals in a single regular season. A number before him reached 39 times by 20 other players, but never one born in the United States and never in a Toronto jersey. Canadians, Russians, two Finns and the Czech Jaromir Jagr with Pittsburgh in ’96 (62 goals), but never one with a star-spangled passport. Given in a certain sense surprising to reread the history of this sport, but also for that reason even more significant.

How the love for hockey was born

And to think that Matthews he had started in baseball and if it hadn’t been for a night when his father showed up at home with 2 tickets to see the city team, the Coyotes, the NHL might never have had one of the brightest stars of the modern era. That afternoon in his Phoenix, little Auston was fascinated by everything. The colors and symbol of the local team, the Coyote mascot that ran through the stands and even from Zamboni (he told her) that strange machine that rotates in intervals to “remake” the ice.

Dorozhenko’s role

The spark was lit and the family gave in to that passion. Replacing the baseball bat with the cue stick, he crosses paths with the man who was instrumental in his development. A Ukrainian coach born in kyiv Boris Dorozhenko who (life stories always come back) became a technical manager for the Mexican ice hockey federation before returning to the United States in Arizona. A path somewhat similar to that of a child who would become a great player thanks to the work done together. A path traveled together that of the formation of a champion.

Dorozhenko moved to live in the Matthews house becoming one of the family and training became daily. Four years later, Auston took the US team to Canada to win the Under-17 world title and from what moment everyone noticed him. Always under the supervision of the American Federation in the summer of 2015, a somewhat sensational choice.

Experience in Switzerland

How do you choose the university?University of Nebraska Omahabut only to follow online courses because to take the next step in his career he decides go to Switzerland to play professionally with the ZSC Lions of Zurich also because they were coached by brand crawford who as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche had won the Stanley Cup in 1996. A more affordable league to begin with, but run by a highly experienced NHL coach. Together they win the Swiss Cup (two assists in the Final v Lausanne) and a few weeks later he is called up with Toronto’s first overall pick in the NHL draft.

The debut to scream

The weight of the debut in the most difficult, prestigious and important league in the world of hockey resolves it by scoring 4 goals for the Ottawa Senators. Only two players before him, joe malone Y harry hylandthey had done better scoring 5 goals in their senior debut, but we have to go back 1917. More hockey. Today’s certainly has Matthews’ face as its image.

auston matthews

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