Who is the man LeBron James hugged this weekend?

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LeBron James hasn’t stopped since he’s been on vacation and on the go. After the Maldives and Miami, the King was in New York, and was seen at a large Jewish wedding, arm in arm with a well-known man. Presentation.

Lebron James on the move during these playoffs. Very diligent during the first round, with comments during almost every meeting, the King has stalled since he is busy with his many trips. It all started with a dream vacation in the Maldives, with his wife Savannah and his friends. Sun, alcohol, music, the perfect combo for the legend.

Back on American soil, he then headed to the East Coast to follow the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix live, the first in history. He was able to find Dwyane Wade and all his other Heat friends who were still around in Florida, like Udonis Haslem, for example. And after a brief stint in Los Angeles, where found the room at lunar hourLeBron flew to New York.

LeBron James spotted with a world-famous rabbi

And this weekend, the King was seen in a place no one would have imagined seeing him: a large Jewish wedding in Brooklyn. The images of his appearance caused a stir on social networks and many questions arose, as fans discovered on this occasion his affinity with certain important figures of Judaism. The cameras were obviously focused on number 6.

Why was LeBron James invited and who is this man in his arms? You should already know that this marriage was that of Jeffrey Schottenstein, the head of TACKMA, a clothing brand that the King loves. This is not the only link between the two, since the All-Star grew up in Ohio, where the Schottenstein family settled. The Ohio State University basketball hall is named after this important dynasty.

As for the man greeting the King, it is Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, founder of Shuva Israel, a large world Jewish community. LeBron also donated more than $100,000 to the rabbi a few years ago. According to some American journalists, the rabbi has also offered spiritual advice to the face of the league in the past, which explains this warm reunion.

LeBron James was at a friend’s wedding from Ohio this weekend and was able to meet a man he has exchanged with a lot in the past. He was well received and there is no doubt that he had a great evening.

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