Why are the Dodgers called the Dodgers? The MLB franchise has quite a bit of history


With the 2022 MLB season in full swing, we have to admit that the Los Angeles Dodgers are having a pretty long year already. As of now, the legendary baseball franchise leads the National League West with 21 wins and 12 losses…that’s pretty impressive.

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Now, we could talk about the team’s incredible season, but there are other matters we need to take care of (especially the origin of the club’s name). So why are the Dodgers called the Dodgers? Here is everything we know.

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We’re here to answer one of the MLB community’s most burning questions: “Why are the Dodgers called the Dodgers?”

The history of the franchise goes back a long way, with the team being founded as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1883. The team was known by many other nicknames, including the Bridegrooms, the Grooms, the Superbas, the Robins, and finally the Trolley Dodgers.

According to the MLB, the name Trolley Dodgers became official in 1896; at the time, “the heavy construction of electric streetcar tracks in front of Eastern Park caused fans to dodge the streetcars to get to the park.” As a result, “those fans became known as the Trolley Dodgers and the team took on the name, which was shortened to Dodgers.”

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Although the Trolley Dodgers nickname stuck around and was widely used during this time, it didn’t appear on the team’s uniform until 1933. According to MLB, once the franchise moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, the Dodgers name moved with them.

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In May 2007, Joseph P. Sullivan published an article titled “Terror of the Car” in the Journal of Urban Technology.

The author stated that the electric car is “an object of nostalgic affection” today. While some are delighted to see vehicles rolling down the road now, it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

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“In the 1890s, the electric streetcar terrified many New Yorkers. The electric streetcar was much faster than a horse-drawn streetcar and caused a lot of accidents,” said Joseph. “Especially in Brooklyn, the cart often killed or maimed young children. As a result, the electric car has become a symbol of the chaotic nature of modern urban life.

In addition, he revealed that in 1895 “the truck had killed 107 people and injured about 450.” He added that “it has become an example of random death,” noting that “the explorer RE Peary said that he found the Brooklyn streetcar as dangerous as an expedition to the Arctic.”

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“A restaurant owner in Yellowstone Park told his guests that he had left Brooklyn and only fled west after the streetcar killed his family,” Joseph continued. “The team, as the owner of the Yellowstone restaurant, eventually left Brooklyn but kept its history under its new name: the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

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We don’t know about you, but we just learned a lot. While these carts have been incredibly damaging to New York’s former favorite mode of transportation, we hope that the MLB team and community will continue to honor those who lost their lives for them.


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