“Why do we want this player? There’s Frank Ntilikina.”

Frank Ntilikina is on the rise, and this is not lost on the competition. His playoffs have overwhelmed the fans of other franchises, the fans of one of them openly demanding his arrival… If he goes his way, he shouldn’t be the only one.

Who would have believed in such a change of course to Frank Ntilikina ? A few weeks ago, the point guard was completely out of the rotation in Dallas. This also seemed to be confirmed at the start of the playoffs, since he did not step on the court for a minute in the series against the Jazz. And the one that saw the Texans oppose Phoenix started on the same bases, but everything changed starting in Game 3, who saw him return to the fore.

In fact, the former Knicks has once again become a fundamental piece in Jason Kidd’s squad, who takes advantage of the man’s defensive qualities to send him to play guard dog for Devin Booker or Chris Paul. Et ça marche, puisque les Mavs ont gagné trois matches sur quatre depuis et vont avoir l’opportunité de disputer un Game 7. Pas mal après avoir été menés 2-0… Avant l’last time confrontation, le French Prince a en tout cas annoncé the color with a cash message.

We can clearly see that the French international has been feeling much better for a while and it is no coincidence that his franchise believes in him much more than in the past, judging by the last statements of his coach. The same story on the side of the fans, who let themselves be conquered by their activity in their half of the field that compensates for their offensive limits. Furthermore, it is not just the case for Texans, as others speak of it in similarly glowing terms:

Frank Ntilikina courted…by Knicks fans

Are we sure Jalen Brunson is the Mavs guard the Knicks need to sign? I mean, check out Frank Ntilikina…

Quite a twist of fate, given that Franky Smokes never really got a chance to appear in the Big Apple in his four years there. Systematically banned by other players, rarely trusted by coaches, the former Top 10 draft pick has seen his rating plummet. His current situation is a good example of this, since he was only able to sign a one-year contract with Luka Doncić & co., and which will therefore be free again during the 2022 off-season.

Given what he’s shown this postseason, though, his outspokenness may well give him a second chance. As mentioned above, Brunson will also be a free agent this summer and will be highly sought after, whether by New York or other competitors. The point guard can expect big pay, which Dallas may not be able to offer. The Frenchman would be at least a much lower cost option to complete the bench, with solid guarantees in defense. A role player like any contender likes to count on his list.

Seeing Knicks fans rave about Frank Ntilikina is highly ironic, but it’s a nice payback for the Olympic runner-up. He was able to make his mark in Texas thanks to his playoff run, and that should earn him several contract offers this offseason.

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