Will Insigne be the strongest in MLS? According to FIFA…

Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne appears to be one step away from moving to Toronto: but how would he fare in the North American league?

Lorenzo Insigne now he seems destined for a move to MLS, with the Napoli captain’s move to Toronto appearing to have been made. The Neapolitan winger, who won a European Championship only in the summer, has established himself as one of the most powerful strikers on the world scene and, now that he seems just a step away from Canada, he will probably automatically be one step away from North America as well. But will he be able to claim the title of Major League Soccer’s Strongest Player? We searched the FIFA database, EA Sports series made in the USA, to find out.

Distinguished among the FIFA top –

Insigne has one overall rating of 86, among the highest in the game, and – no small thing – has managed to keep it unchanged from the beginning of the season until today. As for the individual values, the main ones are ball control and balance, awarded with a sumptuous 93, while dribbling and acceleration follow closely, which are recognized as a sound 90. Vision, agility and effect ( hence the ‘now mythical tir’ to gir) are 89, penalties and short passes 87, free kick accuracy 86. Overall, he is one of the few players above the team average at Napoli, whose account it stops at just 80 (the national team is 84 instead).

How is MLS doing? –

The MLS is a diametrically opposite discourse. FIFA confirms that Insigne would be the strongest player in the North American league, but perhaps less than might be expected. It should be noted that the “global” of the players is now down, since the championship has been stopped since November and will not resume before February, but the early season ratings on the EA athlete speak of Carlos Vela 83, Nani and Gonzalo Higuain 81and only three other players who are in the 80s, which is considered the minimum acceptable or fair for a Serie A competition.

Here’s the early season top ten (from which two in-game points are typically deducted in the last update):

  1. Carlos candle -LAFC-83
  2. in years -Orlando City FC-81
  3. gonzalo Higuain – Inter Miami CF – 81
  4. Alexander Pozuelo -Toronto FC-80
  5. Nicholas Lodeiro – Sounds of Seattle – 80
  6. jose martinez -Atlanta FC-80
  7. Blaise Matuidi – Inter Miami CF – 79
  8. Raul Ruidíaz – Sounds of Seattle – 79
  9. Chicharito – LA Galaxy – 78 OVR
  10. Carlos Gil – New England Revolution – 77

The good news for Insigne is that, just in case, in the top ten he would find a great friend like Higuaín, with whom he shared the splendid years of Sarri’s management at Napoli, and Alejandro Pozuelo, his (possibly) future partner: he is about a fairly technical Spanish midfielder who moved to MLS after four years in Genk and is now 30 years old.

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