With no respect, Steph Curry breaks loose and attacks an opposing franchise!

Visibly overjoyed at the Warriors’ win, Steph Curry let loose as he left the floor. The point guard humorously criticized an opposing franchise, namely the Kings, while Sacramento had not asked for anything. The new coach of this team will appreciate it.

Author of 32 points against the Grizzlies on Monday night, including 18 points in the fourth quarter, Stephen Curry woke up at the right moment in this Game 4. The game was very close, but the most important thing is there, knowing the victory . The Chef also took the opportunity to make a great first time in historythat will not go unnoticed for the premiere of Mike Brown.

Indeed, it was not Steve Kerr on the bench this Monday, because of the covid. The coach tested positive, so it was Brown (assistant until then) who took over, and who has just been appointed head coach. It’s a pretty funny situation to say, for a guy who just landed the same job with the Kings on Monday. Next season he’s heading to Sacramento, and he may not like Curry’s latest statement.

Steph Curry mercilessly with the Kings!

Because if the Dubs won this game, it was not easy with a huge clumsiness on the floor. Curry still finished with a 4/14 3-pointer, while Jordan Poole shot 4/12, then 0/3 from behind the arc off the bench. Worst ? Klay Thompson, who did not have a good night, who only managed 6 shots of his 20 attempts, including 0/7 from 3-pointers. The perfect opportunity for Steph to make fun of Brown and his new position.

“You talk about a historically bad night on the set… There were other facts, like Mike Brown being named coach twice in 24 hours… I really felt like they traded me to the Kings tonight. »

Free entry for the Kings, not known for being the best offense in the league. It must be said that the franchise is after a classification in the playoffs, something that has not happened for ten years. A lot of work ahead for Brown, who in the meantime must focus on his coaching role with the Warriors, before returning to assistant coaching with the return of Steve Kerr: a pretty crazy situation in 24 hours, and one that could last a bit longer.

Mike Brown isn’t sure if Steve Kerr will have enough time to coach Game 5 again. Brown looked directly into the camera and wants Kerr to feel better soon.

Promoted to coach with the Kings for the next 4 seasons, then with the Warriors for a few days, Mike Brown has just experienced a very unusual situation. What Steph Curry had fun with the Kings, although the fans did not appreciate it. Courage.

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