WWE 2K, 2k19 and 2k20 edition servers will soon close

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In recent years, moreover, the products of the 2K sportsespecially the titles WWE 2K19 Y WWE 2K20. The two video games dedicated to the world of wrestling did not have excellent reviews, which led the titles to suffer a real crisis. This led the manufacturer to stop the series for a year, with the edition 2021 that has never seen the light. Now on the market there WWE 2K22a much more valid product than its predecessors, to the point that the 2K has decided to definitively close the servers of the two previous titles on Thursday, June 30. It will always be possible to buy them, but only for the offline function.
A decision that is the result of the good results obtained, compared to what was seen in previous years. WWE 2K19 in October 2018 it was met with a low-key reception, though the game is remembered for constant bugs and lack of inventiveness in development. Worse still went to the next chapter: WWE 2K20. It is considered by many fans to be the worst fighting game ever made, adding to the disappointment of players.


Meanwhile, the manufacturer 2K Games has announced the release of two dlcs that will improve the gaming experience of the new title dedicated to wrestling heroes. The first is called Banzai Pack and inside you can find World Wrestling Entertainment legends including yokozuna Y Rikishi. Not only that, because in addition to the two are available: The Samoan bulldozer Umaga, Kacy Catanzano from the list of NXT Y omos, Raw roster superstar. All fighters also include a card my faction evo for My Faction mode.
The second update pack, on the other hand, is called the Most Wanted Pack, here you can discover many fighters requested by the gaming community, all accompanied by a trailer.

the dlc of WWE 2K22 starring celebrities Cactus Jack, Mick FoleyCome in hall of fame member most loved by the public and that can boast of an incredible career, becoming: three-time champion WWEeight-time WWE tag team champion, champion WWE Lastedsample WCW World Tag Team and twice champion ECW Team tag.
Players have the option to download Vader (three times WCW Heavyweight Champion and WCW United States Champion). Surprise for fans because the pack also contains Boogeyman, a worm with a habit of eating worms on top of the combat box. finally the champion NXT UK Ilja Dragunov and former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Indi Hartwell.

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