WWE: Freddie Prinze Jr wants to launch his own personal wrestling federation

A longtime wrestling fan, the actor best known for his roles in Star Wars: Rebels and Scooby-Doo is a former WWE producer and writer. In the last episode of his Wrestling With Freddie, Prinze Jr. said he plans to launch one federation which represents a “return to the origins” of wrestling.

Back to basics

I started watching other shows, even old episodes, for example Ring of Honor. i started listening Jim Cornette and their fighting philosophies, I listened to other promoters and their business theories. I started seeing as many fighters as possible in action, asking my contacts for advice and opinions. Then I moved on to the arenas, costs and all […] I already have a trusted real estate agency that is working to find the most suitable location. I wish the promotion had a stable home“.

A three year plan

Originally, he had assumed a two-year term, but now he should have enough funding to guarantee three years of production. So money shouldn’t be an issue, in case you’re looking for a movie to play like Scooby Seven or something to keep you afloat.“.

The list is already forming.

I posted the news on social media and it started to get attention. There are plenty of wrestling Instagram pages out there looking for content, and they’ve spread the word with no problem. Suddenly I started getting messages from independent wrestlersreferees and musicians who have worked in the sector“.

Not fighters, but actors.

I don’t know how long the episodes will be, maybe 2 hours. I also doubt I’ll get a TV deal, but I’m planning on filming. What I know is that I want realistic stories, I want men and women to have the same opportunities and time in the ring. The goal is to make it a SAG sponsored show, which is to make every member of my roster a member of the Screen Actors Guild and guarantee them sure Y medical benefitsas well as pension plans“.

It is not a dream, but a reality.

I am not dreaming, this is a plan and it will come true. The only question is how long and what the sacrifices will be. The fight requires your 100% to do it justice, whether you are in front or behind the camera. this is one of the reasons why I would not go back to wwe, I couldn’t give it 100% and I couldn’t travel. But if you had a local show in Los Angeles, an office, and some good bookers, it would be different. I’m good at writing, I know how to connect with people and I’m there with people. I know I can do it because it has happened before. I know my strength and I know what I suck at. But they have said it often. So yeah, that’s the plan. I hope you support it and that you are interested. If you are against it, talk about it because this is also a motivation.“.

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