WWE Raw Report 04/18/2022 – Commitment, titles and surprises

Friends of Tuttowrestling, welcome back this week. The red show marches to WrestleMania Backlash, with some rematches on the plate and unifications. My name is Daniele “Nowhere” La Spina and this is your Raw Report!!!

The episode begins with a recap of what happened in last week’s main event between Cody Rhodes, The Miz and Seth Rollins.

We are already inside the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY. We get greetings from Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Jerry “The King” Lawler from the announce table as Seth Rollins enters. Rollins welcomes everyone to Monday Night Rollins and says it’s a party tonight. And no one wants to party alone, so he invites Cody Rhodes into the ring with him to talk. Rhodes arrives and says that he is on top of the mountain: how does he feel about it. Rhodes does not respond and says that this situation is familiar to him: he is familiar that he and Rollins are together in the ring and in this city. Buffalo is Rhodes Country, for the uninitiated. But familiarity and admiration are polar opposites, so why did he bring it up? Rollins says that many things have gone through his mind at WM and certainly here we are in Rhodes Country. But this is about respect. Rollin pauses for the choruses, then starts to speak again, but Rhodes stops him to prompt more choruses. Rollins tells him not to afford to do it anymore, and sure enough, Rhodes does it again soon after. Rollins says that he is changing the direction of things. She was about to tell him that she has great respect for his last name, for his brother, for his father and for him. Because of his travels, his work and his return as American Nightmare. Instead, she wants to remind him that all the work she put in was for nothing, because it was him, Rollins, who made him a star overnight. Rhodes says that there are many things in those words, including lies. But why doesn’t Rollins stop doing ceremonies, he does him a favor and get straight to the point? Rollins says that the point is that Rhodes had an unfair advantage in WM. It was his surprise opponent and he had no time to prepare. And he lost. A hard bite to swallow, but what’s worse is that Rhodes now thinks he’s better than him. This cannot be allowed. The reality is that he is better than Rhodes at everything. It may be the news of the month, but not the future of this company. He is the one in the right place, preaching well and scratching even better. Rhodes points to the title and it is admirable but he was Champion and that makes him better than Rhodes. Rhodes says that he has to correct him: not only has Rollins been to the top of the mountain, but he has been there 4 times. But that doesn’t change what happened to WM. He has spent the last few years in a managerial position, so he has learned something about mediation: they can spend all day saying they are better than everyone else. Maybe they should ask an impartial third party, like the people of Buffalo. Does Buffalo think he is better than Rollins? The public obviously responds in the affirmative. Does Rollins shut everyone up and he thinks everything is that simple? Just show up and win? Change: Rhodes will step into the ring tonight and face a surprise opponent of his choosing. What do you think? Since it’s so simple … Rhodes gets serious and says that he just needs to look at him: Rollins already knows the answer, the audience already knows it. He did not return to WWE to run away from challenges, so: absolutely yes! Rollins laughs and leaves.

TONIGHT: Finn Bálor gives away the United States Title against Theory !!!

TONIGHT: Couples Akira Tozawa and Tamina and Reggie and Dana Brooke will get married in front of R-Truth!!!

TONIGHT: brand new between RK-Bro and Street Profits!!!

Naomi and Sasha Banks enter, ready to defend the Belts. NEXT …


Eddie Orengo to lead the feud and Rhea Ripley and Sasha Banks start legal. Empty dropkick from Banks, dropkick from Ripley. Corner shoulder series and labels for Morgan. Back Elbow at Morgan’s Corner and then Morgan’s Aided Wheelbarrow Splash! 1… 2… don’t!!! Banks jawbreaker, Morgan tries the Springboard maneuver but Banks kneels. Tag for Naomi and Double Foot Facebreaker at two! 1… 2… don’t!!! Banks tag goes cross on Morgan! 1… 2… don’t!!! Naomi remembers that she’s late to go looking for Ripley, but she doesn’t intervene anyway. Tag for Naomi as Morgan leaves. The two grab her and crash her into the ring post. Ripley gets up and Banks yanks off her apron. Ripley grabs her as she goes. Ripley uses Banks to take down Naomi. Morgan then hits Naomi with a Double Stomp Launch and smashes her into the post as Ripley lands the RipTide on Banks over the edge of the barriers. Advertising.

We re-enter with Ripley in Headlock on Naomi making a bridge! 1… 2… don’t!!! Ripley’s clothesline and labels for Morgan. Ripley charges her sitting on her shoulders and enters Electric Chair Drop while Morgan should complete in Bulldog but clearly jumps late! 1… 2… don’t!!! Naomi’s crucifix! 1… 2… don’t!!! Morgan’s kick combo that closes on Step-Up Enziguri Kick. Morgan goes for the ObLIVion but Naomi rejects her. Ripley’s blind tag when Naomi goes to the Springboard and Ripley has Naomi stopped. Morgan takes her over for a Powerbomb! Ripley walks in and goes for RipTide while Morgan stops Banks from intervening. RipTide Beats! 1… 2… don’t!!! Banks gets rid of Morgan, places a Back Stabber and manages to stop the pin (a sequence that turned out pretty bad). Naomi finds the tag, kick for Ripley and then combined maneuver of the Champions: Banks Double Knee Facebuster, Naomi Hip Buster and Banks Jacknife Pin! 1…2…3!!! A rather unsuccessful match goes to the files.

The Champions clear the field and Morgan and Ripley argue in the center of the ring. Morgan grabs Ripley’s arm and the argument continues. Ripley then returns and tells Morgan that he was wrong and that it is his fault. Morgan tries to calm her down and for her to get away from her and of course Ripley attacks her from behind. Ripley lunges at Morgan. Ripley’s RipTide on former partner.

Let’s go back to the comment table where we talked about what happened between Bianca Belair and Sonya Deville last week.

Just Deville makes his entrance. We’ll hear what he has to say, NEXT…

Coming back, let’s review what happened a little while ago between Morgan and Ripley. Sarah Schreiber stops Ripley and asks for an explanation of the attack. Ripley asks who gives her the right to ask for an explanation. And then she leaves.

Deville takes the floor in the ring but is overwhelmed with boos. He says that he has heard many rumors in WWE about him abusing Bianca Belair’s power. Before anything he wants to remember that she is a fighter. She didn’t wake up one morning and decide to become an executive, she was just forced to until she found a way to become a Superstar again. Now, did you turn it into an opportunity? Did she use her natural ability to lead to improve everyone’s lives? Of course yes. But that doesn’t mean that when she sees an opportunity she doesn’t take it. When she saw Belair win at WM she knew it was time to fight again. Because Belair is not the EST but also the best and she wants to win the title from that person. She wants to be the best. People can accuse her of abusing her protection as long as she wants, but reality says that Ella Belair needed an opponent and she found one for him. Only the truth, then … Belair interrupts the monologue and reaches the ring. Deville stops the theme song as Belair removes her earrings ready to fight. Deville reminds him that until the match, she is still the manager and therefore there will be consequences if he gets his hands on her. Belair takes the mic and says that Deville had no problem getting his hands on her while she was an executive. So maybe they should fight right away. Deville says it’s not going to be like that, not in this shitty town. In fact, maybe they’re better off doing it somewhere Belair hurts the most to lose, like Knoxville, TN, where they’ll be next week. In fact, she helps Belair: when she loses, at least she’ll have family and friends around her to comfort her. On the other hand, she should have gotten used to losing him quickly. Belair loses her temper and puts Deville on her shoulders for the KOD. Deville yells that if she does, she’ll get a fine, a suspension, and lose the title. Belair lets her go, but the point is proven.

Veer Mahan makes his entrance. NEXT will be in action…


When we get back on the air we’re ready under Aja Smith with a local sparring partner named Jeff Brooks. Veer pushes him back and pins the cornerback, hitting him with punches to the abdomen. Hip Toss and verse by Mahan. He picks Brooks up and then Brooks feels a reaction. He is knocked down and then hit with a Sidewalk Slam too! Other verses and then Clothesline. Versi and Cervical Clutch and Brooks sells immediately!!! The public seems dead.

Mahan retrieves the Clutch and the officials and referees arrive. Mahan releases the Cervical Clutch again. False choirs to accompany him in the general indifference.

Adam Pearce is stopped by Sonya Deville, who asks if he saw what happened and says that it has serious consequences. Pearce says he’s done it before, but maybe Deville needs to think more about her own repercussions. Deville asks what she means by her and Pearce says that the bosses have launched an investigation into Deville’s conduct. She the latter gets angry saying that she has always followed instructions and rules. She doesn’t make sense. Pearce says that, for what it’s worth, he already made sure that Belair was fined for his actions. Deville asks how much, she should get as high as possible. Belair arrives and Deville tells him to go, there are executives here who are doing executive things, so he has to go. Belair says that he is only here for his fine. He takes out a dollar and hands it to Pearce, who replies that he hopes he has learned his lesson. Belair leaves and Deville is furious. So, do you have the courage to say that it is she who abuses her power? Pearce seraphically says that he simply followed instructions.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance and meanwhile sees some doctors and road agents drive away. KO Show NEXT…

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