WWE Raw Report 11/4/2022 – Cody is Raw

Friends of Tuttowrestling, welcome back this week. Another episode of the red show awaits us, with the promise of seeing the Bloodline set to rule here as well. But there’s Veer’s in-ring debut, so… I’m Daniele “Gallows” La Spina and this is his Raw Report!!!

The episode begins with a focus on Cody Rhodes. Overview of the interior of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI. It begins with The Miz entering the ring for his MizTV. Miz welcomes us and says that his guest tonight is one of the best who made his shocking return to WM by beating Seth Rollins. But can he beat him tonight too? Miz says that public opinion doesn’t matter because they are people who cheer for the Lions. He then welcomes his host, Cody Rhodes, who joins him. The two sit down and Miz teases Cody about the fireworks and the long driveway, asking if he tries to hide it at his house. Has he become that kind of person? Cody tells him that he doesn’t need to attack him, that he has been waiting for a moment like this with an audience like this for a long time. Rhodes continues to stir up the crowd. Miz says that last week he poignantly explained the reason for his return: to make his father Dusty Rhodes proud. But to be honest, if it wasn’t for his last name, he wouldn’t be just the grandson of a plumber, but a simple plumber himself. Rhodes says that Miz is very resourceful. It looks like an episode of Miz’s After Dark. Maybe being a plumber would be something useful now, since Miz is full of m… Miz hasn’t changed at all, really. He is still arrogant, dismissive, and the fact that Miz accepts all of this makes him incredibly trustworthy. He knows what he’s been up to for the last 6 years and every step of that journey has clearly shown that it was his destiny to come back for that belt. Miz says it’s a title, belts are for pants. But getting back to having a title match is not that difficult. Do you think Rollins won’t want a rematch? And this time it might surprise you, Rollins is an Architect, a Visionary. He doesn’t have much hope. Just as he doesn’t have them against him tonight. Miz argues with the crowd and says that he doesn’t need to hide to surprise his opponents. He single handedly destroyed the Mysterio family and took down a social media star. We all know what Rhodes has been up to for the last 6 years, but he may have missed what he did here. This is his house, his show … Rhodes stops him and tells him that to fix things he has to say something that no one has said on Miz’s show so far. He respects him, he respects what he did here in WWE. Maybe you have a problem with him because he felt robbed. Rollins had no problem facing him and he is ready for a rematch if he wants to. But Miz is making it personal as he is back to being the best wrestler in WWE. Miz points out that they are called Superstars but Rhodes says never mind, he is ready for Miz to be the first opponent on Raw in 6 years and let the best man win. Rhodes celebrates with the public, Miz tries to hit him but Rhodes dodges him and takes him out of the ring. The A-Lister then prefers to withdraw, angry.

Let’s hear the words of Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

TONIGHT: an unprecedented challenge between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy!!! Omos will be as a guest of the MVP VIP Lounge and as expected Cody Rhodes is back to fight The Miz on Raw!!!

Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance, the fight with Veer Mahan is NEXT…
Let’s review Mahan’s attack on Dominik and Rey Mysterio last week.


Mahan also arrives and we leave under the orders of Rod Zapata. Mahan makes noises, then smashes Mysterio into the corner but misses. Mahan shoves Dominik down and pushes him down, making more verses. Verses and blows from Mahan who then throws Mysterio against the ropes and knocks him down with a kind of Lou Thesz Press. Another pitch, kick from Mysterio, Superkick; Mahan charges him, but ends up outside the ring. Mysterio’s Wrecking Ball dropkick. Dominik dives in and Mahan catches him, though he staggers to the barrier and barely misses Dom. The Indian throws Mysterio into the barriers and then knocks him down with a Clothesline. Back in the ring, Mahan picks Mysterio up for a Clothesline that Smith calls “beautiful”. Jumping Hip Press and then Mahan closes last week’s Half Camel Clutch which Jimmy Smith says is called the Cervical Clutch. Mysterio gives up immediately !!!


Mahan rejoices, then resumes the assault with the Cervical Clutch (sic). Fortunately, Dominik has done some work on his facial expressions compared to 7 days ago. Zapata asks for help to free Dominik. Then Mahan goes back on the attack and I take back what I said about Dominik’s facial expressions. Mahan is released and the stretcher even arrives to take Mysterio away.

Kevin Patrick asks Veer the reason for this attack, and the answer is that he wants to strike fear into every man’s heart…as the ambulance drives away with the unfortunate Mysterio.

Summary of Edge and Priest’s House of Blue Light from last week, while arriving at the arena AJ says it wasn’t very smart of him to take on two people last week, but when Edge brought his family in, he didn’t could. they have stopped AJ then go to Priest, and the fight begins! WWE personnel must intervene to separate them …

AJ Styles vs. Damian Priest

AJ starts dodging Priest’s shots with agility, but Priest sends him to the corner. AJ reacts with punches and chops, but is still pushed. AJ’s new offense, who this time manages to send the rival out of the ring with his arm outstretched. AJ falls off the apron with a knee slide and Priest crashes into the outer ring support. More action outside the ring, Priest ends up in the timekeeper’s box, then gets hit on the commentary table, as we take a break.

We return with a replay showing Priest’s reaction, with Styles himself crashing into the stake. New Phenomenal reaction, springboard moonsault culminating in a reverse DDT. The match is still balance, arm outstretched to AJ’s cornerback, who however receives an elbow shortly after, but this does not prevent Priest from performing a spectacular ushigoroshi, which is only worth a count of two. Priest’s big boot, the flat jump, but again only counts two.

A few kicks to Damian’s chest, alternating with static. Account attempt, avoided, Pele kick from AJ! Priest puts it on the apron, takes an elbow, AJ tries the prenomenal forearm but gets kicked back! Priest kneels… and the lights go out!! The lights that we saw last week come on!

do not answer

Let’s go backstage, where AJ declares that he wants to understand what this str #### ta is. She is not done with Priest. They don’t give a fuck what Edge and his followers do, nothing can stop him from getting his hands on him!

Cody Rhodes vs. Miz

It’s not even time to start, and Seth Rollins arrives at ringside! The match begins, Miz tries to hit several times, but finally lands a Powerslam. Miz ends up out of the ring, Cody fakes a fish, but Miz runs out and Cody interrupts the maneuver. Back in the ring, Cody Cutter’s attempt, avoided, Miz attempts the Final Skull Crush, this one also avoided. Cody regains control, Miz is knocked down and the victim of a static hold. Miz reacts, kicks to the chest, then one to the face, or rather two. Reverse chin lock, Cody comes out, hits the corner, then Cody ends up in the apron and gets kicked hard, as we go break.

Let’s go back to the ring, with Miz hitting with several punches and kicks … and Cody invites him to hit again! Rhodes saves a kick, arm outstretched, and then more powerlam! 1..2 .. only two! Suicide dive to the outside of Cody! Back in the ring, Miz reacts with a dropkick, then hits a figure four! Cody tries to get to the ropes, but Miz changes his grip back to the center! The two trade slaps, then Cody manages to reverse his hold on him, at which point it’s Miz who grabs the ropes. Cody manages to get up, although limping… he gets a kick, then another blow, and finally the Cody Cutter arrives, which is worth the victory!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Not even the time to encourage Seth Rollins to get to the ring! Seth announces Cody’s name, but then clearly speaks of revenge! At Wrestlemania he was a surprise opponent, and that gave him a decisive advantage, but now it’s Seth vs. Cody’s turn part two… and Cody agrees!

Kevin Patrick is with Tommaso Ciampa, who is interrupted by Ezekiel/Elias, who welcomes him to Raw. Kevin Owens also arrives and continues to say that it is Elias, not Ezekiel, telling him to stop lying. Ciampa, however, responds by saying how is Ezekiel… and Owens leaves doubting that he is the only sane one in the entire locker room..

Liv Morgan vs. Naomi (with Sasha Banks)

Naomi side head lock, then shoulder tackle, attempt hip throw but Liv lands on her feet, then Naomi does the same, attempts a belly to back suplex to no avail, Liv avoids two more claci but suffers a third. Naomi throws herself to the anchor, Liv’s scissors head, who shortly after misses a shoulder in the corner. Naomi’s rollup, only a count of two, and immediately after a similar play and a similar outcome for Liv. Simultaneous enzuigiri attempt, the match is very balanced. Oblivion attempt, Naomi saves herself by grabbing onto the ropes. Naomi’s Powerbomb, the two continue to exchange pinch attempts…. but it is Naomi who prevails with a cradle!

Winner: Naomi

Now Bobby Lashley is in the ring! He decided to invite himself to this VIP Room this week after what happened seven days ago. It was supposed to be a party after the match with Omos at Wrestlemania. He recognizes everything in him: he is big, strong and fearsome, and he barely beats him. But then on Raw, he was hit from behind by the only person he thought he could trust, MVP. And so he invites the same MVP to get his c # lo into the ring and explain why he cheated on him!

MVP is nowhere to be seen.. and Lashley says that maybe to make him feel more comfortable it’s time to review the VIP room stage for a moment.. Lashley prepares to destroy the set, but plays the music of Omos , who arrives in the ring with MVP. The MVP himself says that as soon as he starts destroying something, he will order his lawyers to send him the bill. Lashley wants a fight with Omos, but MVP says this meeting will take place when the right financial conditions are right. Lashley should be addressed with respect, he should be thanking her. Do you want an explanation? Here it is: he couldn’t achieve anything by himself, he only got up thanks to his help. He alone unlocked Lashley’s potential, and now she doesn’t need him anymore? After everything you’ve done for him? After creating it basically? He was simply Bobby Lashley, and thanks to his work he became the All Mighty!

Lashley replies that MVP was also on the verge of retiring, and instead, thanks to this association, he managed to defeat Brock Lesnar for the title! MVP responds by saying that that was the past and that the future is Omos! It’s bigger, stronger and above all smarter than him! He will take his place on top of the mountain, because Omos knows that he needs him. He may have barely made it through the first match, but he won’t in the second!

Lashley closes the segment by replying that he took down the giant once, he will do it again, and soon after he will have MVP in his hands!

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