WWE Smackdown Report 04/08/2022 What’s next?

Smackdown is live tonight from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee WI, Roman Reigns will surely be there, maybe we find out who his next opponent will be? We’ll find out tonight. happy reading the

The episode begins with the entrance of Rowdy Ronda Rousey who takes the microphone and responds to Kayla saying that she made Charlotte give up and she will do it again.

On your worst day you have to beat your opponent twice, I haven’t been able to, but at Wrestlemania Backlash I want a rematch, not in a normal match, in an I QUIT MATCH.

Charlotte appears on the titantron saying that she wins, she never loses, she has not given up, she is still the champion!

You can’t win when Ronda counts, my answer to your challenge is NO!

Ronda adds to the dose saying that this fight is going to happen and not only is she going to say I’m out, she’s going to shout it.

Before the meeting between Woods and Butch, The New Day says that Wrestlemania is the final episode, so starting today it starts from 0.


Butch’s incredible energy is overwhelming from the first minute, he hits the turnbuckle and begins to lose blood.

Butch attacks Woods’ arm only to suffer a Russian sweep to the leg followed by a failed fuo ring baseball attempt! Butch’s X-Plex in the apron!!

After a commercial break, the two exchange blows in the center of the ring with Woods having the upper hand, Lost in the Woods, Leg Lariat, enziguri kick, Butch reacts with a series of High Kicks that lead to a count of 2 .

Woods Roll 1…2….3!!!!


Backstage, Sami Zayn complains to Pearce that it’s not possible that all those people in the match interfered.

Sami says that he wants to regain his respect, he wants a fight against the first one to come out of the locker room … DREW MCINTYRE COMES OUT!

Sami wants the next one… but Pearce pushes through and says the match will take place.

Sami is convinced and says that it could be an opportunity.

Please Welcome… LUDWIG KAISER… Former Marcel Barthel debuts on Smackdown and introduces Gunther!!


The fight lasts very little, Gunther annihilates the opponent with a series of chops, a big boot, a couple of slams and finally for the sake of young Alonzo the Powerbomb that closes the fight.


Now, behind the scenes, he interviews Kayla… RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ!!! Another NXT debut. Garza and Carrillo arrive and flatter Raquel, who brazenly rebuffs them.

Now is the time for Happy Talk here on SmackDown.

Corbin says that tonight was supposed to be the happiest happy talk ever, but sadly it’s not. Corbin has been looking inward these days and has managed to blame only one person… Mad Cap Moss! He never would have lost if you weren’t distracting me.

The crowd begins to chant Moss’s name but has a joke for Moss, when someone like Mad Cap Moss causes Corbin to lose a match it becomes “Mad Cap Loss”.

Corbin doesn’t laugh at the joke, not even the one after, Corbin tells him it’s not funny anymore, make me laugh Moss, it’s your last chance.

Moss says: What would you call a person who treats their friends very badly, dresses ridiculously, and is incapable of taking responsibility? You call him Happy Corbin!

Corbin attacks Moss, but he clearly has the worst and the audience is very involved, Moss knocks Corbin’s head out of the ring and then knocks him out with a clothesline.

Backstage, Mahal asks Pearce for an Intercontinental title shot when Ronda Rousey walks in and interrupts him. Ronda asks if she will have her match, Pearce says that she will be able to tell her more tomorrow…Ronda emphasizes TOMORROW.

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