WWE’s Scottish Warrior wants to play a ‘significant role’ in historic UK stadium show

Scottish WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre called the company’s decision to put on a UK stadium show a “dream come true”.

Ayr-born McIntyre, whose real name is Andrew Galloway, led the rallying cry in putting on such a huge WWE show in the UK, something that hadn’t happened since 1992.

And in the same week that tickets for Clash at the Castle at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium went on sale, Drew told the Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet podcast: “It seems like a dream situation.

“It’s something I’ve been talking about, as I’m sure you know, for years and ranting and raving about what’s going on.

“It got to the point where they indicated to me that something might have happened because we might be talking about something.

Drew McIntyre hopes to play a major role in WWE’s stadium show in September

“I kept doing my thing and going around, and you finally get a chance to meet the people directly involved, and again, that’s an opportunity, really a possibility, but you never think it’s going to happen until it’s official.

“This is WWE, I’ve seen things go to the limit and fall apart at the last second, but when the public announcement came out, I sat there and couldn’t believe what was happening.”

“If I probably had something to do with this, that’s great, but it’s also our amazing team in WWE working so hard to make this happen, but it’s happening and I don’t care how it happens, I just care that it happened. and I care that it will be huge.

Cardiff Principality Stadium to host Clash at the Castle in September

Cardiff Principality Stadium to host Clash at the Castle in September

Drew, a former two-time WWE Champion, admits he wants a “meaningful” match on the show and has about four months to get it.

British wrestling fans spent yesterday morning (Wednesday, May 18) in a virtual presale queue in an effort to secure the best tickets for the company’s first UK stadium show in over 30 years. .

And while many were left empty-handed due to the high demand for the Clash at the Castle show, in which more than 125,000 signed up for pre-sale, the Daily Star has you covered.

The Scottish warrior recently challenged Tyson Fury to a match... which could happen in Cardiff

The Scottish warrior recently challenged Tyson Fury to a match… which could happen in Cardiff

Thanks to another exclusive pre-sale taking place today (Thursday May 19) at noon, you can have another chance to buy those elusive tickets.

And all you have to do to unlock Ticketmaster pre-sale is use our exclusive code WWESTAR.

Only a limited number of tickets will be able to be purchased through that code, so be sure to be in line around 11:00 when the official queue opens.

And to buy them using the code, click here.

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